1 weapon
poison, poisoned
hail, volley

A hail of arrows descended from the tower.

fire, release, shoot

He drew two arrows and placed them in the bow.

fit, string

She strung an arrow to her bow.


He aimed an arrow at the target.

fly, shoot, whizz

An arrow whizzed past his head.

hit sb/sth, pierce sb/sth, strike sb/sth

The arrow hit its target.

rain, rain down
miss (sb/sth)

She aimed carefully at the tree but the arrow missed.

head (usually arrowhead), point, tip

the arrow slits in the castle's battlements

a bow and arrow

The people used bows and arrows for hunting.

2 symbol
left, right
down, up

The down arrow indicates rain.

horizontal, vertical
broken, curved, dashed, shaded, solid

The old road is shown on the map by broken arrows.


Follow the red arrows to get to the camp reception.

denote sth, indicate sth, mark sth, point, represent sth, show sth

You will see an arrow pointing to the left.


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