major, serious
little, minor, small, trivial (esp. BrE)

After nearly falling twice, she managed to make it to the top of the cliff without further incident.

entire, whole

He came to regret the whole incident.

actual, real, real-life

The story is based on an actual incident.

recorded (esp. BrE), reported
latest, recent
bad, horrible, horrific, nasty, terrible, ugly, unpleasant, unsavoury (BrE)

some of the worst incidents of urban violence

deadly, fatal, tragic
controversial (esp. BrE)
famous, high-profile
regrettable (esp. BrE), unfortunate
bizarre, curious, mysterious, strange, unusual
separate, unrelated

The police said that two men had been arrested in unrelated incidents.


It is feared that the attack may not have been an isolated incident.


Talks were called off following a border incident.

diplomatic, international

An error in the translation nearly caused a diplomatic incident.


No major security incidents happened at the Olympic Games that year.

bombing, shooting, stabbing
pollution (BrE)
off-the-ball (BrE, sports)

She received a serious jaw injury in an off-the-ball incident.

cause, create, provoke
be responsible for

The group is believed to have been responsible for several terrorist incidents.

be involved in

The tennis star became involved in an incident with the umpire.


He was asked whether he had ever experienced any incidents of discrimination.

deal with (esp. BrE), handle

The incident was extremely well handled.

avoid, prevent
see, witness
recall, remember

He recalled a similar incident 14 months earlier.

describe, recount, relate

She described the incident as outrageous.

They all laughed as he recounted the amusing incident.

discuss, talk about
downplay (esp. AmE), play down (esp. BrE)

the government's desire to play down the incident


The pedestrian who had nearly been run over reported the incident to the police.

be hurt in, be injured in, be killed in
pass off without (BrE), pass without, proceed without (esp. AmE)

The demonstration passed without incident.

happen, occur, take place
arise, arise from sth, arise out of sth

incidents arising out of an industrial dispute

involve sb/sth

a minor incident involving a bus

cause sth, lead to sth, prompt sth, result in sth, spark sth

The incident sparked a riot which lasted three days.

demonstrate sth, illustrate sth, prove sth, show sth

Saturday's incident illustrates the fragility of the peace in the country.

room (BrE)

An incident room was set up at a police station near the site of the crash.

incident with (often humorous)

His back still hurts from an incident with a vacuum cleaner.

following an/the incident

He was asked to leave the club following an incident with a knife.

in an/the incident

Three soldiers were wounded in the incident.

over an/the incident

She was never disciplined over the incident.

without incident

The patrol had covered 200 miles without incident.

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