high, large
six-figure (esp. AmE)

The business provided him with a six-figure income.

average, median

Average incomes are rising more slowly.

low, meagre/meager, modest, small
additional, extra

They hope that the lottery will provide additional income for charities.

guaranteed, permanent, secure
regular, steady

She was living on a small, fixed income and having trouble paying her bills.

annual, monthly, weekly, yearly
per capita

the average per capita income

personal, private (esp. BrE)

He has a large private income on top of what he earns as a teacher.

combined, family, household, joint

a young couple with a combined income of $69 000

gross, pre-tax
after-tax, net, post-tax
discretionary (esp. AmE), disposable
ordinary (AmE)

Tax rates are 40% on ordinary income.

reported (esp. AmE)

Profit figures are based on reported income.


Operating income rose 14% to £36.5 million.

cash, money (AmE)

the money incomes of individuals

capital, dividend, fee, foreign, investment, rental

He planned to buy two more properties so he could live off the rental income.


The industry claims the regulations have cost them $184 million in lost income.


She received an income for life as a result of her father's will.

earn, generate, provide (sb with)

Financial assets have the advantage of earning income.

The return on your investment can provide you with regular income.


Social security guarantees an income to retired and disabled workers.

derive from

The area could derive lucrative tourist income from the park.

boost, double, increase, maximize, supplement

ways of boosting your retirement income

She supplements her income by working nights.


For 2001, expenditure exceeded income by £10 000.

depend on
live on

A large number of families in the area are living on below-average incomes.


They aim to redistribute income from the rich to the poor.

treat sth as

Interest is treated as income for tax purposes.

arise (from sth) (esp. BrE), come from sth, derive from sth

If a person's income arises in the UK, it is subject to UK income tax.

A lot of our income comes from bank interest.

grow, increase, rise
decline, drop, fall
exceed sth
bracket, group, level

Elderly people often belong to a low income group.


people in the lowest 25% of income earners

distribution, redistribution
disparity, gap, inequality

The income gap between rich and poor grew.


Customer subscriptions provide a reliable income stream.


Lower income growth reduces demand.

incomes policy (BrE)

There are internal disputes over the party's incomes policy.

support (esp. BrE)

A single mother of three, she relies on income support.


a company's income statement

on an income

Many families on a low income are dependent on state support.

income from

income from tourism

the distribution of income, the redistribution of income
a drop in income
income and expenditure

Every company must keep control of its income and expenditure.

income per capita, income per head

Real income per head of population was at a low point five years ago.

a source of income

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