1 list of names/topics
complete, comprehensive
card (BrE), subject
appear in, be in

The topic I was interested in didn't appear in the index.

consult, look (sth up) in, search

Why don't you look up her name in the index?

Search the index to find the address of the data file.

compile, create, update
give sth, list sth

The index only gives the main towns.

in a/the index

Is there any reference to it in the index?

index to

It's a general index to the whole work.

2 system showing the level of sth; measure of sth
good, reliable, sensitive, useful
high, low

a general index calculated from death and population information

cost-of-living, market, price

the consumer price index (esp. AmE)

the retail price index (BrE)

commodity, futures, share, stock, stock-market
Dow Jones, FTSE 100, etc.
dollar, sterling, etc.
body mass (abbreviated to BMI), glycaemic/glycemic (abbreviated to GI), refractive, etc.

Those who lived in the inner cities had a high index of deprivation.

use (sth as)

The test results were used as an index of language proficiency.

compile, construct, create
calculate, compute, derive
provide, publish

The price index is published monthly.

drag, drive, push, take

A wave of frenzied buying pushed the index up 136.2 points.


Most commodity funds track a specific commodity index.

add sth (esp. BrE), gain sth, increase, jump, rise, surge

The NYSE Financial index gained 20%.

decline, dip, drop, fall, sink

The commodities index fell 3.1%.

measure sth

an index designed to measure changes in the volume of industrial production

post sth

The Morgan Stanley Cyclical index posted a small advance.

be based on sth

an index based on incidents causing a loss of production

be linked to sth

The increase in our standard rates will be linked to the consumer price index.

index-linked pensions (BrE)

cover sth

an index covering some 1 700 companies

close, end

The hundred shares index closed down 15 points.

in an/the index

dividends on shares in the index

on an/the index

The company is listed on the Nasdaq technology stocks index.

a drop in an index, a fall in an index

a 28.2 point drop in the FTSE 100 index

changes in an index
an increase in an index
as measured by an index

Inflation, as measured by the consumer price index, is expected to drop.

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