firm (BrE), good, strong
fair (esp. BrE)

It was a fair indication of what was to come.

accurate, reliable, true
clear, definite, sure

He gave his clearest indication yet that he will keep racing.

There is no definite indication that these folks are still alive.

ample, sufficient

He has given ample indications of his intentions.

broad, general, rough
early, initial, preliminary
outward, visible, visual

Rising interest rates were an outward indication of the change in government attitude to economic controls.

Some car alarms have no visual indication that they are in operation.


There was no clinical indication for such a test.

be, serve as

The popularity of the government building project served as an indication of public support.


A government spokesperson said they had no indication who was responsible for the attack.

give (sb), provide (sb with)

His early successes gave some indication of his ability.

get, receive
find, see

The researchers say they can find no indication that television has harmful physical effects on children.

regard sth as, see sth as, take sth as

The comments made by management may be taken as an indication of how they felt about their workers.

point to sth, show sth, suggest sth

Indications show that at least 2 000 more businesses will go bankrupt before the end of the year.

amid indications of, amid indications that …  (both esp. BrE)

He was last night locked in talks over his future amid indications that he plans to resign.

indication as to

He gave us no indication as to what was the matter.

indication to

This is an indication to drivers who break the law that they will be punished

(all) the indications are that … 

All the indications are that she will make a full recovery.

early indications are that … , preliminary indications are that … 

Preliminary indications are that the tape is authentic.

not the slightest indication

She smiled, not giving the slightest indication of what had just happened.

there is every indication that … 

There's every indication that the operation has been a success.

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