1 piece of writing
brilliant, excellent, fascinating, good, great, informative, insightful, interesting, must-read (informal, esp. AmE), thoughtful, thought-provoking
well-researched, well-written
influential, major, seminal
controversial, critical, provocative
brief, short
timely (esp. AmE)
feature, front-page, lead, leading, op-ed (AmE), review

A leading article in ‘The Times’ accused the minister of lying.

occasional (= not part of a series)

It was her job to commission occasional articles.

follow-up, related
how-to (esp. AmE)

The magazine includes a how-to article on building a greenhouse.

academic, scholarly, scientific
journal, magazine, newspaper, press
author (formal), co-author, do, pen, write

I'm doing an article about ways of preventing pollution.

excerpt (AmE)

an article excerpted from ‘CAD Principles’

contribute, email, submit
read, see

Did you see the article on China in today's paper?

cite, quote, reference
carry, feature, print, publish, reprint, run

The magazine refused to print his article.

clip (AmE), clip out (esp. AmE), cut out

He always clips and saves articles about people he knows.


The article appears in this week's edition of ‘Time’.

contain sth, feature sth

The article contains a good deal of information about the software.

describe sth, detail sth, explain sth, mention sth, outline sth, point sth out, present sth, report sth, reveal sth, say sth, state sth, talk about sth
demonstrate sth, illustrate sth, indicate sth, show sth
address sth, analyse/analyze sth, deal with sth, discuss sth, examine sth, explore sth, focus on sth, look at sth

The article looks at two questions.

emphasize sth, highlight sth
review sth
allege sth, argue sth, assert sth, claim sth, imply sth, suggest sth
propose sth
attack sb/sth, criticize sb/sth
cite sb/sth, quote sb/sth
conclude sth
in an/the article

She admitted she was wrong in an article in the newspaper.

article about, article on

an article on the dangers of sunbathing

article by

an article about wine by Alison Waters

an article called sth, an article entitled sth, an article headed sth, an article headlined sth, an article titled sth (esp. AmE)

an article entitled ‘Think Yourself Thin’

2 part of law

the key articles of the constitution

be in breach of (esp. BrE), breach (esp. BrE), contravene (esp. BrE), infringe (BrE), violate

The actions of the organization violate Article 12 of the treaty.

provide sth (formal), specify sth, state sth

Article 10 provides that all businesses must be registered correctly.

under an/the article

The judge ordered the child's return home under Article 12 of the Convention.

the terms of an article

The terms of Article 3 will be changed by the new government.

3 thing

The finished article takes two months to manufacture.

the genuine

Fake designer watches are sold at a fraction of the price of the genuine article.

household, toilet
make, manufacture, produce
an article of clothing
4 grammar
definite, indefinite

Names of countries in English do not usually take an article.

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