booming, growing, thriving

one of the fastest-growing industries in the world

important, key, major
high-tech, modern, sunrise (BrE)
sunset (BrE), traditional

Weaving and knitting are traditional cottage industries.

domestic, local

the global textile industry

private, privatized
nationalized, state-owned, state-run

strategic industries such as the extraction of oil and natural gas

manufacturing, service

the shift away from manufacturing to service industry

primary, secondary, tertiary
building, construction
engineering (esp. BrE)
chemical, coal, electrical (esp. AmE), electricity (esp. BrE), energy, gas, mining, nuclear, oil, steel
agricultural, fishing, food, timber
health-care, medical (esp. AmE)
auto (AmE), automobile (AmE), automotive, car (esp. BrE), motor
computer, electronics
telecom (esp. AmE), telecommunications, telecoms (esp. BrE)
fashion, textile
entertainment, film (esp. BrE), movie (esp. AmE), music, record, recording
tourism, tourist
catering, hospitality, leisure (all esp. BrE)
banking, financial
aerospace, airline, aviation
benefit, develop, encourage, help, stimulate, support

The government decided to encourage industries based on biotechnology.

government measures to stimulate new industry

run down (BrE)

Running down the nuclear industry will result in heavy job losses.

damage, hurt

They claim that a commercial port would damage the local tourist industry.

cripple, destroy, devastate
deregulate, regulate

trade barriers erected to protect domestic industry


The state's timber industry is heavily subsidized.

interfere in, interfere with

The government has interfered in industry, with disastrous results, by attempting to alter economic trends.

be involved in, be involved with

More than 140 000 people are directly involved in the industry.

revolutionize, transform
enter, go into

students training to enter the banking industry

She decided to leave teaching and go into industry.

boom, develop, expand, grow, grow up, spring up

New light industries are constantly springing up.

The tourist industry is still expanding rapidly.

decline, struggle

When the oil ran out, other industries associated with it closed down.

experience sth, face sth

industries which are experiencing substantial growth

The industry is facing major challenges.

produce sth
executive, leader
expert, insider
analyst, observer

They hope that the disk drive will become an industry standard.

in industry, within industry

In the computer industry, change comes about very rapidly.

a captain of industry, commerce and industry

The banks lend money to commerce and industry.

regulation of (an) industry

proposals for regulation of the water industry

the revival of (an) industry

the revival of the British film industry

a sector of industry
industry and trade (esp. AmE), trade and industry

the Department of Trade and Industry (in the UK)

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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