high, massive
low, moderate
galloping (esp. BrE), raging (esp. BrE), rampant, rising, runaway, spiralling/spiraling (esp. BrE)
double-digit (= 10% or more)
consumer-price, price, wage (esp. BrE)
grade (= the apparent increase in students' grades over time due to the fact that exams are becoming easier)
fuel, push up
bring down, bring under control, combat, control, curb, fight, get down, get under control, keep down, keep in check, keep under control, reduce

policies to beat inflation

It is vital that inflation is kept in check.

keep pace with, keep up with

Wages are not keeping pace with inflation.

be up
be down

Inflation is down to its lowest level in three years.

exceed sth, reach sth

Inflation reached a monthly rate of 5%.

average sth, be at sth, run at sth, stand at sth

Inflation is running at 4%.

edge up (esp. BrE), go up, increase, rise
fall, go down, slow

Inflation has slowed to 7%.

erode sth

savings eroded by inflation

figures, rate

an inflation rate of 2%

expectations, forecast, target
the battle against inflation, the fight against inflation
a drop in inflation, a fall in inflation

an drop in inflation to 2.4%

an increase in inflation, a rise in inflation

an increase in inflation to 3.5%

the rate of inflation

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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