appalling (esp. BrE), bad, catastrophic, devastating, horrendous, major, nasty, serious, severe, terrible
minor, slight, superficial
lingering (esp. AmE), nagging, niggling (esp. BrE), recurring

Researchers have determined that heading a football can cause permanent injury.

career-ending (esp. AmE), career-threatening, season-ending (esp. AmE) (all sports)
facial, head, knee, leg, spinal, etc.
burn, whiplash
sports, sports-related
industrial, work-related
overuse (esp. AmE), repetitive strain (abbreviated to RSI)
bodily, emotional, personal (all law)
run, series, spate

He missed most of the season with a spate of injuries.

do yourself (BrE, informal), incur (formal), pick up, receive, suffer, sustain

You'll do yourself an injury riding that old bike.

She picked up an injury during the quarter-final.


The doctor said he would risk serious injury if he were to fall again.

cause (sb/sth), induce (formal), inflict

The car turned right over, causing severe injury to the driver.

Please help me before our dogs inflict serious injury on each other!

carry, experience, have, nurse, suffer from

She has replaced him in the team while he nurses a shoulder injury.

be prone to
fake, feign

He was accused of feigning injury.

aggravate, exacerbate

He aggravated a neck injury while playing for Derby County.

die from, die of

The inquest heard that he died from multiple injuries.

avoid, escape, prevent

Stretching exercises can help avoid injury.

Fortunately, the passengers escaped serious injury.

minimize, reduce
battle (esp. AmE)
overcome, shake off

She has failed to shake off her stomach injury.

recover from, survive
be treated for, deal with, treat

Finger injuries should be dealt with immediately.

He is still being treated for injuries to his legs.

come, go, etc. off with (BrE)

He went off (= off the playing field) with an injury in the second half.

be out with

She is out (= out of the competition/team) for six weeks with a hamstring injury.

be back after, be back from, come back from, return after, return from

She should be back from injury.


He underwent tests to assess his injuries.

happen (to sb), occur

This type of injury could happen to any player at any time.

result from sth

injuries resulting from exposure to harmful substances

arise from sth, arise out of sth (both law)

personal injuries arising from negligence

cause sth
affect sb/sth
bother sb, dog sb/sth, hamper sb/sth, plague sb/sth, trouble sb

Her athletics career has been dogged by injury.

rob sb of sth

an injury which robbed him of his speed

decimate sb/sth
end sth, prevent sth

These injuries ended her hopes of becoming a doctor.

slow sb down
limit sb to sth
sideline sb

Both defenders have been sidelined by injury.

force sb to do sth

The knee injury forced him to give up playing at the age of 23.


The team has a lot of injury problems.

site (esp. AmE)

Apply the gel to the injury site.

time (BrE)

They scored two goals in injury time.


He was an injury replacement for another player.


a player on the injury list

case, claim, lawsuit (esp. AmE), suit (AmE)
because of injury

She's unable to play because of injury.

through injury

McNair continues to play through injury (= despite having an injury).

with injury

She slumped to the floor with injuries to her back and neck.

He pulled out with an injury at the last moment.

without injury

a guide to lifting without injury

injury from

injuries from the fire

injury to
a claim for injury (law)

a claim for personal injury

a risk of injury

There is a real risk of injury in sports such as climbing.

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