careful, close, detailed, rigorous, thorough
brief, casual, cursory
periodic (esp. AmE), regular
annual, daily, etc.

a surprise inspection of the premises by the health inspector


The records are open to public inspection.


They have refused to allow international inspection of their nuclear facilities.

manual, physical, visual
school (esp. BrE)
home (AmE) (= done before buying a house)

The problem was not discovered during the home inspection.

A standard home-inspection report summarizes the condition of the house.


the UN weapons inspection team

on-site, site

Following an on-site inspection, the surveyor prepared a written report on the property.

be available for, be open for, be open to, be subject to

A company's accounting records must be open for inspection at all times.

Nursing agencies are subject to inspection by the health authority.


All packages arriving at the building undergo an inspection.

carry out, complete, conduct, make, perform

The architect is carrying out a thorough inspection of the building.

allow, permit
prepare for

The hotel passed its annual inspection.


The artwork requires close inspection by the viewer.

confirm sth, determine sth, reveal sth, show sth

A brief inspection revealed it to be a fake.

suggest sth
take place
tour, visit
procedure, process, regime (esp. BrE)
for inspection

He held out the saucepan for inspection.

on inspection, upon inspection

The report seemed impressive at first, but on closer inspection there were several inaccuracies.

inspection by

an inspection of the troops by the commander-in-chief

bear close inspection, bear inspection

He knew that his motives would not bear close inspection (= would be revealed as bad if someone inspected them).

closer inspection reveals sth, closer inspection shows sth

a creature which closer inspection revealed to be a bat

a tour of inspection (esp. BrE)

Roman governors would normally go on a tour of inspection of their province.

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