broadband, high-speed
access, go on, navigate, use

She went on the Internet to check air fares.

browse, surf

He likes watching movies, reading, and surfing the Internet.

comb, scan, scour, search

They began scouring the Internet for information about his condition.

censor, regulate

Attempts to regulate the Internet are usually doomed to failure.

site, website
gateway, portal
bulletin board, chat room
ad, magazine, radio
auction, broadcast, link

Thousands logged on to view the live Internet broadcast of the concert.

The auction was held in Paris with an Internet link to New York.


She often talks to fans via live Internet chats.


You can check your email at the Internet cafe in the town.

address, domain

Registering an Internet domain name is now an essential part of setting up a company.

access, usage, use

unlimited/unmetered Internet access


A quick Internet search will give you dozens of possible destinations.


a broadband/high-speed Internet connection


the challenges of providing Internet connectivity to rural communities

browser, search engine
provider, service provider (abbreviated to ISP)
customer, surfer, user

the laying of fast networks to carry Internet traffic

brand, group
arm (esp. BrE), division, operation (BrE)

the bank's Internet arm

analyst, expert
banking, betting, dating, gambling, porn (informal), pornography, shopping, telephony
advertising, commerce, marketing
bank, business, company, firm, retailer, start-up, venture
industry, sector

software for downloading Internet files

appliance, infrastructure, server
protocol, technology

issues facing the music industry in the Internet age

boom, bubble, revolution

Many of the sites launched at the peak of the Internet boom have now disappeared.

on the Internet

More and more people are shopping on the Internet.

over the Internet

It is possible to earn a degree over the Internet.

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