face-to-face, in-person (AmE), one-on-one (esp. AmE), one-to-one (BrE), personal
phone (esp. BrE), telephone

Telephone interviews with over 400 businesses picked up high rates of satisfaction.

extensive, in-depth, lengthy
follow-up, second

a police interview with suspected terrorists

magazine, media, newspaper, press, radio, television

We have an exclusive interview with the director of the movie.


He did a live interview on the CBC News Morning show.


I have a job interview tomorrow.

carry out, conduct, do, hold

The survey team carried out over 200 interviews with retired people.

arrange, schedule

The company contacted her to arrange an interview.


A journalist called requesting an interview.

do, give (sb), grant (sb)

He's a very private man and rarely does interviews.

attend, be called for, have

She's been called for an interview for the manager's job.

air, broadcast, publish

The interview was published in all the papers.


This month we feature an interview with Nicole Kidman.

audiotape, record, tape, videotape (esp. AmE)

She taped an interview to appear the following day on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’.

All police interviews are recorded and transcribed.

panel (esp. BrE)
procedure, process

The questions are the central point of the whole interview procedure.


Prepare answers to possible interview questions.


The documentary combines interview footage and clips from his films.

clip, segment, snippet (all esp. AmE)

I get a lot of interview requests from journalists.

in an/the interview

He said in an interview that he wanted to get married.

interview about

He gave the paper an interview about his musical tastes.

interview between

an interview between the French Foreign Minister and the President of Egypt

interview for

an interview for the post of sales manager

interview with

He had an interview with IBM.

an interview with the Vietnamese leader

a round of interviews

We're about to start the second round of interviews for the post.

Interview is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑journalist, ↑police
Interview is used with these nouns as the object: ↑applicant, ↑candidate, ↑participant, ↑survivor, ↑suspect, ↑witness

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