1 tell people sb's name
formally, properly

We have met before, but we haven't been formally introduced.


I briefly introduced him to my parents.

allow me to, can, let me, may

Let me introduce myself.

May I introduce my wife, Sarah?


He introduced me as a new member of the company.


She introduced me to her friends.

2 start using/doing sth for the first time

They recently introduced a yogurt drink into the market.

first, initially, originally

Psychologists first introduced the term in the early 1990s.

gradually, slowly
quickly, rapidly

After coming to power, he quickly introduced land reform.

accidentally, inadvertently

diseases inadvertently introduced to the area by settlers

intend to, plan to, want to

The local authority plans to introduce new regulations on parking.

attempt to, try to

She attempted in vain to introduce some order into the classroom.


New technology is rapidly being introduced into factories.

newly introduced, recently introduced

These measures have only been recently introduced.

Introduce is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑government, ↑settler
Introduce is used with these nouns as the object: ↑act, ↑amendment, ↑ban, ↑bill, ↑boycott, ↑change, ↑character, ↑charge, ↑competition, ↑concept, ↑conscription, ↑control, ↑curb, ↑element, ↑error, ↑fare, ↑flexibility, health service, ↑idea, ↑initiative, ↑innovation, ↑law, ↑legislation, ↑measure, ↑modification, ↑motion, ↑mutation, ↑note, ↑penalty, ↑policy, ↑practice, ↑product, ↑quota, ↑rationing, ↑rebate, ↑refinement, ↑reform, ↑regulation, ↑resolution, ↑restriction, ↑safeguard, ↑scheme, ↑slavery, ↑system, ↑tariff, ↑tax, ↑technique, ↑technology, ↑term, ↑theme, ↑uncertainty, ↑version

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