1 bone that contains teeth
bottom, lower
top, upper
firm, strong
clenched, set
jutting, lantern (= in which the lower part sticks out)
broken, dislocated, fractured
clench, set, tighten (AmE)
work (AmE)

She worked her lower jaw back and forth.


She dropped her jaw in astonishment.


He rubbed his sore jaw.

break, dislocate, fracture
drop, hang, hang open

My jaw dropped in astonishment when I saw the size of the audience.

be set, clench, set, tighten

Her jaw was set, ready for a fight.


His jaw jutted stubbornly forward; he would not be denied.

bone, muscle
in your jaw

A muscle in his jaw pulsed angrily.

on your jaw

He had two days' growth of stubble on his jaw.

to the jaw

a punch to the jaw

under your jaw

She had a fold of flesh under her jaw.

the line of your jaw, the set of your jaw

The stern set of the officer's jaw made Tony realize he was in trouble.

2 jaws mouth
gaping, open
massive, powerful

A shark can crush a boat with its massive jaws.

clamp, close, lock, sink

The dog locked its jaws on her leg and wouldn't let go.

A spider sank its jaws into my ankle.


Pythons open their jaws wide to swallow their prey whole.


The animal's jaws snapped shut.

escape, escape from

The antelope could not escape the crocodile's gaping jaws.

between its jaws

The dog had his arm clamped between its jaws.

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