1 employment
decent, good, great, worthwhile
high-powered, top

It's one of the top jobs in management.


The plum jobs all went to friends of the prime minister.


His father found him a cushy job in the office, with almost nothing to do and a big salary.

dream, ideal

What would be your dream job?

boring, dead-end, lousy (informal, esp. AmE), menial, routine, undemanding

He was forced to take a series of menial jobs.

challenging, demanding, difficult, taxing

It's often immigrants who do the dangerous jobs.

highly paid, high-paying, well-paid, well-paying (esp. AmE)
badly paid, low-paid, low-paying (esp. AmE), poorly paid (esp. BrE)

The plant will provide almost 300 new jobs.

current, first, previous

Three years ago she moved into her current job.

full-time, part-time
regular, steady

He was tempted to give up freelancing and get a regular job.

permanent, temporary
holiday (BrE), summer
evening, Saturday, weekend
paid, unpaid
manual (esp. BrE)
semi-skilled, skilled, unskilled
blue-collar, white-collar

a desk job in the police housing department

factory, office
coaching, construction, manufacturing, teaching, etc.
proper, real

He'd done lots of part-time work, but this was his first proper job.


She has a very good job with a local law firm.

carry out, do, perform, work (AmE)

I'm only doing my job (= doing what I am paid to do).

They are paid according to how well they perform their job.

look for, want
apply for, go for
be offered
accept, take
find, get, land, win

She got a temporary job stacking shelves.

He's just landed himself a highly paid job in banking.


He's frightened of losing his job.

give up, leave, pack in (BrE), quit (esp. AmE), resign from
hold down, keep

He's always had difficulty holding down a job.


She's starting a new job on Monday.

like, love

I saw the job advertised on the Internet.

interview (sb) for

We're interviewing for the job in the Sales Department.

give sb, offer sb
create, generate, provide (sb with)

It is hoped that the development will create new jobs in the region.

axe (BrE), cut, eliminate, shed

The company is hoping to shed 200 jobs.

export, outsource

Companies export jobs because it is cheaper to pay foreign workers.

protect, safeguard (esp. BrE)

The deal between the union and management should safeguard 6 000 jobs.


He certainly knows his job (= is very good at his job).-


The job doesn't pay very well.

disappear, go

250 jobs are to go at the local steel plant.

entail, require

The job requires honesty, intelligence, and vision.


It's important to devise a job search strategy when looking for work.

ad, advertisement, listings (esp. AmE)

Check our website for the latest job listings.


Within weeks of graduation she had several job offers.


His job title is Chief Hygiene Operative.

description, specifications (esp. BrE)

Cleaning the office is not in my job description.


There is an enormous job market for teachers at the moment.

cuts, losses
growth (AmE)

We have seen job growth in a number of areas.

openings (esp. AmE), opportunities, prospects

How would you rate your job satisfaction?


Workers questioned rated job security as being more important than high salary.

hunter, seeker (esp. BrE)

Local companies are holding an open day for job seekers.

share, sharing

Their boss agreed to a job share.

The introduction of job sharing could prevent the need for job losses.

in a/the job

There's not much chance of promotion in a job like that.

on the job

You will receive training on the job.

out of a job

She found herself out of a job when her boss died.

job as

She has a job as a waitress.

job at

She got a teaching job at the university.

job for

jobs for women

job in

a job in food retailing

a job in a large company

job with

He moved to a better-paid job with another employer.

change jobs, move jobs

Nowadays many people change jobs every few years.

a loss of jobs

The closure of the cement factory will mean the loss of over 800 jobs.

the right person for the job

Despite the small number of applicants, they managed to find the right person for the job.

2 task
adequate, decent, good, nice, professional, thorough
admirable, amazing, awesome (informal, esp. AmE), brilliant (esp. BrE), excellent, fantastic, fine, grand (esp. BrE), great, incredible, magnificent, marvellous/marvelous, masterful (esp. AmE), outstanding, remarkable, superb, terrific, tremendous, wonderful
bad, lousy (informal, esp. AmE), poor, terrible

They've done a poor job of managing their finances.

difficult, hard, tough

They gave me the tough job of telling applicants that they'd been rejected.

big, long
little, small
fiddly (BrE), tedious

fiddly little jobs like wiring plugs


Cooper had the unenviable job of announcing the bad new.


Keeping the house clean can be a thankless job.

carry out, do

You've done a great job with that decorating.

Try wedging it open—that should do the job (= be effective).


I was very pleased with the way she handled the job.

have, have on

You'll have a hard job convincing them that you're right.

The builder has a couple of jobs on at the moment.

give sb
take on

She's taken on the job of organizing the Christmas party.

get on with

I want to get on with the job of painting my room today.

complete, finish

We finished the job in five hours.

job in

The author has done an admirable job in compiling all this material.

job on

You've done a good job on the car.

get the job done

We're hoping to get the job done this weekend.

You can count on him—he gets the job done (= he is reliable).

make a good, poor, etc. job of sth (esp. BrE)

She made a very good job of covering up the damage.

He made a very professional job of replacing the windows.

odd jobs (= small, practical jobs)

I spend most Saturdays doing odd jobs around the house.

3 crime
inside (= done by sb in the organization where the crime happens)

He got six months for that last job he did.


The gang bungled the job and got caught.

NOTE: Jobs
be … , work as … 

She's a well-known writer.

Her father, a trained chef, now works as a bus driver.

study to be … , train as … , train to be … 

She trained as a painter and sculptor.

start as … , start work as … 

He started work as a trainee chef.

become … 

I'm interested in becoming a dentist.

be/become/get certified as …  (esp. AmE), qualify as …  (esp. BrE)

He got certified as a teacher.

She qualified as a nurse last year.

employ (sb as) … , have … 

The company employs more than 1 500 engineers.

engage (sb as) … , get … , hire (sb as) … , recruit … , take on … 

They have recruited a new designer.

appoint (sb as) … , make sb … 

He was appointed Professor of Law at Yale.

At 39 she was made chairman of the board.

dismiss … , fire … , sack …  (BrE)

She was dismissed from her job after only six months.

You're fired!

The team sacked the coach.

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