1 an organization
international, local, national, regional, state
non-profit (esp. AmE), private, public, voluntary
arts, business, community, constituency (in the UK), consumer, housing, industry, library, neighbourhood/neighborhood, parent-teacher, political, professional, student, trade, etc.

The association meets four times a year.

association for

a professional association for music teachers

2 relationship between people/organizations

It was to be a free association of equal partners.


a loose association of sovereign states

long, long-standing

They have maintained a close association with a college in the US.

in association with (= together with)

The book was published in association with the university.

association between

the association between the two countries

association with

His association with such criminals can only destroy him.

freedom of association

One of the most important political freedoms is freedom of association.

3 connection between things
clear, close, direct, intimate, strong

a close association between the two nations

early, long, traditional

the technique of free association, in which the patient is encouraged to say the first thing that comes to mind


The city has had a long association with the mining industry.


The dog forms an association between the action and the reward.

demonstrate, find, prove, show

The research showed an association between diet and various diseases.

examine, observe
by association

Dogs learn mainly by association.

in association with (= together with)

We are working in association with several NGOs.

association between

a clear association between good health and regular exercise

association with

the traditional association of the Democrats with minority interests

guilty by association, tainted by association

He was considered tainted by association with the corrupt regime.

4 associations feelings/memories
happy, pleasant, positive
cultural, historical, literary

Tourists visit the city for its historical associations.

have, hold (BrE)

Does the name ‘Baxter’ have any associations for you?

evoke, trigger

The smell of fresh bread triggers all kinds of associations for me.

association for

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