1 set of keys on a computer, etc.
computer, laptop, PC, typewriter
Bluetooth™, cordless, USB, wireless

You can access web pages by using an on-screen keyboard.


the first pocket PC to include a built-in keyboard

full-size, miniature
tap, tap at, tap on

Arianne was tapping away at her keyboard.

pound, pound at, pound on

Filled with inspiration, he started pounding his keyboard.

command, short cut

Users can now customize keyboard short cuts.


the mouse and keyboard ports on the back of your computer

on the keyboard

Using the mouse is quicker than typing it on the keyboard.

2 set of keys on a piano, etc.
organ, piano, etc.
3 electrical musical instrument
digital, electric, electronic
at the keyboard

Ed Duke was at the keyboard.

on (a/the) keyboard

He played the song on his keyboard.

The recording features Herbie Hancock on keyboard.

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