noun (informal)
little, young
big, older

The older kids had lessons in the afternoon as well.

He's like a big kid with all this enthusiasm.

cute, good, lovely (esp. BrE), nice
cool, smart (esp. AmE)
dumb (esp. AmE), stupid

She was just a normal kid.

crazy, weird

Now what are you two crazy kids doing?


I feel desperately sorry for the poor kid.


a spoiled little rich kid


I was the fat kid through most of my teenage years.

scrawny, skinny

a skinny little kid who looked to be no older than fourteen

local, neighbourhood/neighborhood (esp. AmE)

a gang of local kids


street kids who rely on their ingenuity to keep alive


They had sixteen foster kids and two of their own.

college (esp. AmE), high-school (AmE), school (usually schoolkid)
bunch, couple, crowd, gang, group

They're just a bunch of kids.


We both wanted to have kids.


She had wanted more kids.

adopt, foster

They had adopted three kids.

bring up, raise (esp. AmE)

I've tried to bring my kids up to respect other people.

educate, teach

Here are some fun ways to teach your kids about healthy eating.

look after (esp. BrE), take care of, watch (esp. AmE)

She had offered to watch the kids many times so Toby could go out.


legislation to protect kids from violence and harassment in their schools

just a kid, only a kid

He's only a kid. You can't expect him to understand what's going on.

like a kid

She was crying like a kid.

kids' stuff

The movie is pure kids' stuff from beginning to end.

That was kids' stuff compared with what lies ahead.

Kid is used with these nouns: ↑brother, ↑sister

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