• 1Franny and Zooey , J. D. Salinger (2014)
    The author writes: FRANNY came out in The New Yorker in 1955, and was swiftly followed, in 1957 by ZOOEY. Both stories are early, critical entries in a narrative series I'm doing about a family of… 509 руб

  • 2Laurie Simmons: Walking, Talking, Lying , Kate Linker (2005)
    Laurie Simmons is one of the first contemporary American photographers to have created elaborately-staged narrative photographs. Using dolls to act out piquant scenarios within specially constructed… 1002 руб

  • 3Billy Budd&Other Stories , Herman Melville (1998)
    Melville's short stories are masterpieces. The best are to be appreciated on more than one level and those presented here are rich with symbolism and spiritual depth. Set in 1797, Billy Budd… 203 руб

  • 4The Selected Poems of Christina Rossetti , Christina Rossetti (1995)
    Christina Rossetti is widely regarded as the most considerable woman poet in England before the twentieth century. No reading of nineteenth century poetry can be complete without attention to this… 373 руб

  • 5The Turn of the Screw (+ Audio CD) , Henry James (2008)
    A spine-chilling tale of a young governess’s struggle to protect the children in her care from the ghosts of two previous servants. Simple hallucinations perhaps, or external representations of the… 1065 руб

  • 6Boxed and Labelled: New Approaches to Packaging Design: 2 , Robert Klanten (2011)
    The suggestive power of packaging as a communication tool. Packaging is the face of a product. Packaging not only gives a product its visual identity, but it can also determine where that product is… 4606 руб

  • 7All's Well That Ends Well , William Shakespeare (2011)
    A fresh new edition of Shakespeare's ambiguous, bittersweet fairy tale, developed by and for the RSC, includes new interviews with acclaimed directors Gregory Doran and Stephen Fried, and actor Guy… 1096 руб

  • 8Maya , Campbell Alastair (2011)
    Maya Lowe is one of the world's biggest movie stars. Steve Watkins is her life-long friend. Both swear their relationship hasn't changed since they shared a school desk as London teenagers. But can a… 710 руб

  • 9Katherine Mansfield: A Secret Life , Tomalin Claire (2012)
    Pursuing art and adventure across Europe, Katherine Mansfield lived and wrote with the Furies at her heels. Dying at the age of only 34, she became posthumously one of the most influential writers of… 965 руб

  • 10All's Well That Ends Well , Shakespeare William (2004)
    Alexander Leggatt has written a new Introduction to this updated edition of Russell Fraser's text on one of Shakespeare's most ambiguous plays. Leggatt's interest in performance informs his… 1139 руб