hearty, helpless, hysterical, insane, loud, maniacal (esp. AmE), raucous, uncontrollable, uproarious, wild

I heard sounds of raucous laughter upstairs.


Her infectious laughter had everyone smiling.

muffled, quiet, silent, soft, suppressed

She was bent over with suppressed laughter.

derisive, mocking
cruel, evil, sinister

Andrea burst into cruel laughter.


Gerry exploded into more drunken laughter.


the canned laughter of a sitcom

bark, hoot, howl, roar, shout, shriek, snort

He gave a sudden bellow of laughter.


Everyone dissolved into fits of laughter when they saw my haircut.

bout (AmE), burst, chorus, gale, guffaw, peal, ripple, round, wave

His suggestion was greeted with peals of laughter.

A ripple of laughter ran around the room.

That comment brought another round of laughter.

burst into, dissolve into, explode with
bellow with, cackle with, hoot with, howl with, roar with, scream with, shriek with, snort with, squeal with
rock with, shake with
draw, elicit, provoke

Hunter's statement drew laughter from the crowd.

The joke provoked laughter from all of them.

choke back (esp. AmE), contain, control, hide, hold back, muffle, smother (esp. AmE), stifle, suppress

Will was no longer able to contain his laughter.

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