wisdom gained in the course of a long lifetime


A lifetime is too short for all the great books there are!

entire, whole
devote, spend

He devoted a lifetime to working with disabled children.

take (sb)

It took a whole lifetime to solve the mystery of her father's disappearance.

last (sb)

This watch should last you a lifetime.

seem, seem like

It seems a lifetime since we first met.


You can live a whole lifetime and not witness such an event.


The veteran director won a lifetime achievement award.

appointment (AmE), employment
membership (AmE)
earnings, income

Payments are based on expected lifetime income.

guarantee, warranty
after a lifetime

After a lifetime as a journalist in the trouble spots of the world, he retired to the country.

during sb's lifetime

I've seen many changes during my lifetime.

in your lifetime

The artist was little known in his lifetime.

of a lifetime

She gave the performance of a lifetime.

lifetime in

She spent a lifetime in politics.

lifetime of

a lifetime of problems

the habits of a lifetime

It's hard to break the habits of a lifetime.

a legend in your own lifetime

Callas was a legend in her own lifetime.

half a lifetime
a lifetime ago, a lifetime away

College seems a half a lifetime away.

a lifetime's experience, a lifetime's work
a lifetime's worth of sth

The images are part of a lifetime's worth of photographs from Cohen's long career.

once in a lifetime

That sort of thing happens only once in a lifetime.

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