adult, mature
adolescent, immature, juvenile, young
alpha, dominant

the dominant male in the herd

gay, heterosexual, homosexual
African American, black, Caucasian (esp. AmE), white
large, powerful, strong (all biology)
courting, monogamous, unmated (all biology)
the male of the species

The male of the species has darker feathers.

entirely, exclusively

The club is exclusively male.

largely, mainly, mostly, overwhelmingly, predominantly, primarily

The workforce is predominantly male.


I had grown up in a very male environment.

That was a very male way of dealing with things.


traditionally male interests

Male is used with these nouns: ↑anatomy, ↑body, ↑bravado, ↑chauvinism, ↑chauvinist, ↑chorus, ↑colleague, ↑companion, ↑companionship, ↑counterpart, ↑cousin, ↑dancer, ↑deity, ↑doctor, ↑dominance, ↑domination, ↑ego, ↑elephant, ↑employee, ↑employment, ↑equivalent, ↑escort, ↑fantasy, ↑fashion, ↑friend, ↑gender, ↑genitals, ↑goat, ↑heir, ↑homosexual, ↑hormone, ↑identity, ↑impotence, ↑infant, ↑infertility, ↑inmate, ↑kin, ↑lead, ↑lover, ↑lust, ↑member, ↑menopause, ↑model, ↑nurse, ↑occupation, ↑oppression, ↑orgasm, ↑parent, ↑partner, ↑perspective, ↑population, ↑prerogative, ↑prostitute, ↑prostitution, ↑reader, ↑relative, ↑role, ↑servant, ↑sex, ↑sexuality, ↑sibling, ↑soprano, ↑specimen, ↑superiority, ↑supremacy, ↑teacher, ↑trait, ↑twin, ↑vanity, ↑victim, ↑violence, ↑voice, ↑worker, ↑workforce, ↑writer, ↑youth

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