absolute, complete, fine (esp. AmE), hopeless, real, royal (esp. AmE), total, utter

I got myself into a complete mess.

entire, whole

You started this entire mess!

appalling (BrE), awful, horrible, nasty, stupid, terrible, ugly, unholy
big, giant, huge

The whole situation is a giant mess.

I'm in a huge mess. I don't know what to do.

complicated, confusing, incoherent

The plot is an incoherent mess.

jumbled, muddled (esp. AmE), tangled, untidy (BrE)

Her hair was a tangled mess.

bloody, disgusting, gooey, muddy, slimy, sloppy, soggy, sticky

Soon both fighters were a bloody mess of flying punches.

Why don't you clean up this disgusting mess?


He's been an emotional mess since his girlfriend left him.

economic, financial
leave, make

Must you always leave such a mess?

She felt she was making a terrible mess of her life.

clean up, clear up, tidy up (esp. BrE), wipe up
look (BrE), look like (esp. AmE)

My life's becoming a big mess.

get (sb) into, get (sb) out of

Who got us into this mess in the first place?

cause, create, start

That was what caused this whole mess in the first place.

deal with, fix (AmE), resolve, sort out, straighten out

I have to try to fix the mess you caused.

in a mess

The kitchen's in an awful mess.

We found ourselves in a real mess.

mess of

She searched through the mess of papers on her desk. (esp. AmE)

make a mess of things

I've really made a mess of things!

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