1 from one person to another
important, urgent, vital
brief, short
incoming, outgoing
coded, cryptic, encrypted, secret
electronic, email, instant, mail, SMS, text

He has sent me a dozen instant messages today.


A radio message was sent out to all ships in the area.

answering-machine, answerphone (BrE), phone, recorded, taped, voice, voicemail

When I dial the number I'm greeted by a recorded message.

error, warning

I keep getting an error message when I try to connect to the Internet.

spam, unsolicited

spam messages sent to your email address


The family sent a heartfelt message of thanks to everyone who helped.


I got an anonymous text message.

convey, give sb, pass sb, pass on, relay

He's not here—I'll pass on the message.


She's out—can I take a message?

bring (sb), carry, deliver, take sb

He comes looking for Roxane, bringing a message from De Guiche.

broadcast, email, fax, send, transmit
forward, post

if you want to post a message in an online guest book


I recorded a new message for my phone.

decode, decrypt

I turned on my cell phone to check messages.

leave (sb)

I left a message for her at reception.

get, receive

I never got your message.

say sth, state sth, tell sb sth
reach sb

A radio message reached the pilot.

appear, arrive, flash, flash up, pop up

Who wants spam messages appearing on their website?

A message pops up on the screen.

contain sth

The email message contains an attachment.

be waiting

I had 127 voice mail messages waiting for me.

message about

There was a message about the meeting.

message for

Are there any messages for me?

message from

an urgent message from your mother

message of

They sent messages of hope to prisoners of war.

message to

The message was to your sister, not you.

2 main idea of a book, speech, etc.
central, core, important, key
basic, fundamental, main, overall
clear, coherent, consistent, simple, unambiguous, unmistakable
ambiguous, conflicting, contradictory, mixed
compelling, overriding, persuasive, powerful, strong
inspirational, positive, upbeat

the negative messages we send out


a novel with a serious message

hidden, implicit, implied, subliminal, subtle, underlying, unspoken

stories with hidden moral messages

anti-drug (AmE), anti-drugs (BrE), anti-war, etc.

a party with an anti-immigrant message

advertising, commercial, marketing, promotional

They found a way to transform their ideas into a marketing message that everyone relates to.

biblical, Christian, gospel
environmental, ideological, moral, political, religious, social

the subversive messages their films carry


I think this movie sends the wrong message to her young fans.


Does this send the right message to our target audience?


He presents a truly chilling message in this article.

take-home (AmE)

The take-home message is: be willing to negotiate.


This song has a universal message that everybody can relate to.

broadcast, disseminate, spread

He tries to spread the message of safe sex.

bring, communicate, drive home, get across, put across, send

This allowed us to bring our message to a different, younger audience.

We need to get this important message across to teenage smokers.

carry, convey

This statement carries a crucial message for other workers.


We tailor the message to fit the specific audience.


A clear message is emerging from these government statements.

reach sb, resonate with sb

Her message is resonating with many evangelicals.

message about

This is sending a strong message about the importance of climate change.

message of

The president toured the country spreading the message of national unity.

message to

His choices are sending mixed messages to voters.

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