simple, straightforward
complex, detailed
chronological, linear, sequential
first-person, third-person

The book is written in the style of first-person narrative.

autobiographical, personal

He provides a compelling personal narrative of his life.

fictional, prose

The movie has a very traditional linear narrative.

biblical, historical

the dominant narrative of the Cold War

grand, master (esp. AmE)

the grand narratives of history

construct, create, develop, produce, weave (esp. AmE), write

It's difficult to construct a narrative out of a series of fast-moving events.

She has woven a strong personal narrative filled with lively anecdotes.


The author interrupts her narrative to tell us that the idea for the book had not been well received.

offer, present, provide

This book offers no coherent narrative of the American Civil War.

weave sth into

The author weaves into this narrative many entertaining historical facts.

be based on sth
form, style, technique
framework, structure
flow, thread

interruptions to the narrative flow

passage, sequence, text
in a/the narrative

events in the narrative

Narrative is used with these nouns: ↑ballet, ↑closure, ↑coherence, ↑continuity, ↑convention, ↑drive, ↑flow, ↑poem, ↑poetry, ↑structure, ↑style, ↑technique, ↑thread, ↑thrust, ↑verdict

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