1 of a road/river/gap/range
considerably, significantly

The gap between the candidates has narrowed significantly.

a little, slightly, etc.

The river narrows a little here.

The trade deficit with China narrowed slightly.

dramatically, sharply

The gap between the two parties narrowed sharply in the days before the election.


Left untreated, the arteries will gradually narrow, restricting the flow of blood.


By the final round the gap had narrowed to three votes.

2 of eyes

Her eyes narrowed slightly as she studied the woman.

dangerously, suspiciously

His blue eyes narrowed suspiciously.


Lee's eyes narrowed against the harsh glare of the sun.


His eyes suddenly narrowed at the sight of her.


Her eyes narrowed in anger.


His eyes narrowed to slits.


His eyes narrowed with suspicion.

Narrow is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑deficit, ↑divide, ↑eye, ↑gap, ↑gaze, ↑margin, ↑path, ↑road
Narrow is used with these nouns as the object: ↑artery, ↑choice, ↑deficit, ↑divide, ↑eye, ↑focus, ↑gap, ↑horizon, ↑list, ↑scope, ↑search
1 not wide
be, look, seem
become, get
extremely, fairly, very, etc.

The pass gets extremely narrow at its eastern edge.

a little, slightly, etc.

The rear part of the casing is slightly narrower than the front.

2 limited
be, seem
extremely, fairly, very, etc.
a little, slightly, etc.
comparatively, relatively

people who are rather narrow in outlook

Narrow is used with these nouns: ↑agenda, ↑alley, ↑angle, ↑base, ↑beam, ↑belt, ↑bench, ↑border, ↑bridge, ↑category, ↑channel, ↑chest, ↑chimney, ↑circle, ↑clientele, ↑conception, ↑confines, ↑context, ↑corridor, ↑crack, ↑curriculum, ↑defeat, ↑definition, ↑door, ↑doorway, ↑entrance, ↑escape, ↑eye, ↑flight, ↑focus, ↑foot, ↑gap, ↑gate, ↑gauge, ↑groove, ↑hall, ↑hallway, ↑hip, ↑horizon, ↑ideology, ↑interest, ↑interpretation, ↑lane, ↑lapel, ↑lead, ↑ledge, ↑limit, ↑majority, ↑margin, ↑nose, ↑objective, ↑opening, ↑pass, ↑passage, ↑path, ↑pavement, ↑pelvis, ↑perspective, ↑range, ↑ribbon, ↑river, ↑road, ↑room, ↑scope, ↑seam, ↑self-interest, ↑sense, ↑shaft, ↑shoulder, ↑sidewalk, ↑slice, ↑space, ↑spectrum, ↑stair, ↑staircase, ↑stance, ↑strait, ↑strap, ↑street, ↑stretch, ↑strip, ↑stripe, ↑stroke, ↑topic, ↑track, ↑trail, ↑trench, ↑tube, ↑tunnel, ↑valley, ↑victory, ↑view, ↑vision, ↑vote, ↑waist, ↑width, ↑win, ↑window, ↑wing, ↑zone

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