Badly is used with these adjectives: ↑battered, ↑broken, ↑charred, ↑cracked, ↑decayed, ↑deformed, ↑flawed, ↑frightened, ↑handicapped, ↑hurt, ↑infected, ↑informed, ↑injured, ↑insulated, ↑mistaken, ↑neglected, ↑organized, ↑paid, ↑polluted, ↑shaken, ↑shocked, ↑swollen, ↑trained, ↑wrong
Badly is used with these verbs: ↑abuse, ↑ache, ↑act, ↑advise, ↑affect, ↑afflict, ↑backfire, ↑bang, ↑beat, ↑behave, ↑bite, ↑bleed, ↑blister, ↑bring, ↑bruise, ↑burn, ↑chip, ↑corroded, ↑damage, ↑dent, ↑design, ↑deteriorate, ↑disfigure, ↑disrupt, ↑draft, ↑draw, ↑dress, ↑end, ↑equip, ↑erode, ↑execute, ↑falter, ↑fare, ↑fit, ↑go, ↑graze, ↑hamper, ↑handle, ↑hit, ↑house, ↑hurt, ↑injure, ↑lag, ↑land, ↑leak, ↑light, ↑limp, ↑manage, ↑maul, ↑miscalculate, ↑misfire, ↑misjudge, ↑mismanage, ↑misread, ↑miss, ↑misunderstand, ↑mutilate, ↑need, ↑organize, ↑paint, ↑park, ↑perform, ↑play, ↑prepared, ↑print, ↑put, ↑react, ↑receive, ↑reflect, ↑run, ↑rust, ↑scar, ↑scratch, ↑shake, ↑sing, ↑sleep, ↑slump, ↑structure, ↑struggle, ↑stumble, ↑suffer, ↑swell, ↑take, ↑tarnish, ↑tear, ↑time, ↑torture, ↑trail, ↑treat, ↑tremble, ↑twist, ↑underestimate, ↑upset, ↑want, ↑weaken, ↑wear, ↑weather, ↑work, ↑wound, ↑write

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