appear, be, look, seem, sound

It soon became obvious that the machine did not work.

make sth

His manner made it obvious he didn't like her.

extremely, fairly, very, etc.

I'm not going to tell Jim about this, for fairly obvious reasons.

blatantly, blindingly, glaringly, patently, transparently (esp. BrE)
completely, perfectly, quite

The answer is perfectly obvious!

by no means, far from, less than, not at all, not entirely

It was far from obvious how they were going to get off the island.

a little, slightly, etc.
apparently, seemingly

It was immediately obvious that the bag was too heavy.


Avoid making intuitively obvious but unfounded assertions.

depressingly, painfully

It was becoming painfully obvious that the two of them had nothing in common.

all too

The ineptitude of the government was all too obvious.


It is obvious to me that you're unhappy in your job.

be so obvious that … 

The metaphor is so obvious that it's impossible to miss.

Obvious is used with these nouns: ↑advantage, ↑alternative, ↑amusement, ↑analogy, ↑annoyance, ↑answer, ↑appeal, ↑attraction, ↑benefit, ↑bias, ↑candidate, ↑case, ↑choice, ↑clue, ↑conclusion, ↑connection, ↑connotation, ↑contender, ↑contradiction, ↑correlation, ↑culprit, ↑danger, ↑defect, ↑delight, ↑difference, ↑disadvantage, ↑disappointment, ↑discomfort, ↑disdain, ↑disgust, ↑dislike, ↑disparity, ↑distaste, ↑distinction, ↑distress, ↑drawback, ↑embarrassment, ↑enjoyment, ↑enthusiasm, ↑example, ↑exception, ↑explanation, ↑extension, ↑fact, ↑fault, ↑flaw, ↑gag, ↑gap, ↑highlight, ↑hint, ↑implication, ↑importance, ↑improvement, ↑inadequacy, ↑inference, ↑influence, ↑lack, ↑lie, ↑limitation, ↑link, ↑loser, ↑manifestation, ↑merit, ↑motive, ↑move, ↑omission, ↑parallel, ↑pitfall, ↑pleasure, ↑pointer, ↑possibility, ↑precedent, ↑question, ↑reason, ↑reference, ↑relevance, ↑relief, ↑reluctance, ↑resemblance, ↑sarcasm, ↑satisfaction, ↑shortcoming, ↑sign, ↑similarity, ↑sincerity, ↑slant, ↑solution, ↑starting point, ↑successor, ↑suspect, ↑talent, ↑target, ↑thing, ↑trap, ↑truth, ↑violation, ↑way, ↑weakness

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