hourly, monthly, weekly
full, half (both esp. BrE)

He has taken leave on half pay.

low, poor

workers on low pay


equal pay for men and women

base (AmE), basic

the average take-home pay of a manual worker

holiday (BrE), vacation (AmE)
maternity (BrE)
redundancy (BrE), severance (esp. AmE)
retirement (esp. AmE)
sick (esp. BrE), sickness (BrE)

The workers are demanding their back pay.

merit (AmE), performance (esp. BrE), performance-related (esp. BrE)
bonus (esp. AmE), incentive (AmE)
level, rate

The job offers good rates of pay and excellent conditions.

earn, get, receive
give sb
cut, dock, slash

He cut management pay by 15%.

boost, double, increase, raise

He doubled his pay by accepting bribes.

cheque (BrE) (paycheck in AmE), packet (BrE)

the money in my weekly pay packet


His pay package including bonuses was worth at least $12 million.

slip (BrE), stub (AmE)
hike (esp. AmE), increase, raise (AmE), rise (BrE)
freeze (esp. BrE)
claim, demand (both esp. BrE)
bargaining, negotiations (both BrE)
agreement, award, deal, offer, settlement (all esp. BrE)
dispute (esp. BrE), strike (BrE)
levels, rates

industrial unrest over pay levels in the public sector

grade, scale, structure (esp. BrE)

He's at the top of his company's pay scale.

equity (esp. AmE), parity (BrE)

Women are still decades away from achieving pay equity with men.

differential, disparity
on … pay

Women are eligible for 18 weeks maternity leave on full pay.

with pay

a day off with pay

without pay

He has been suspended without pay.

a cut in pay, an increase in pay, a reduction in pay
handsomely, well

She pays her workers very well.

dearly (figurative)

He will pay dearly for what he did.


I would gladly pay for the benefits such a tax would bring.


Clients typically pay about $2 400 per month.


I had a hard time getting him to pay up.

have to, must
be able to, can, can afford to

help for those who are genuinely not able to pay

be unable to, cannot, can't afford to

Protesters chanted ‘Can't pay! Won't pay!’

expect (sb) to

You can expect to pay £200 a night at this hotel.

be liable to (esp. BrE)

It is for the courts to decide who is liable to pay damages.

be ordered to, be required to

The company was ordered to pay the workers £5 000 in compensation each.

agree to, be prepared to, be willing to, offer to, promise to
fail to, neglect to

He was made bankrupt for failing to pay debts of over £2 million.

refuse to
help (to)

The revenue will be used to help pay for environmental improvements.

get sb to, make sb

If he had killed Caroline, then Mac was going to make him pay the price.

let sb

She wouldn't let me pay for my ticket.


How much did you pay for your new car?


We pay £200 a week to our landlord.

ability to pay

Taxation should be based on the ability to pay.

Pay is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑bank, ↑consumer, ↑job
Pay is used with these nouns as the object: ↑advance, ↑arrears, ↑attention, ↑balance, ↑bill, ↑bonus, ↑bribe, ↑call, ↑cash, ↑charge, ↑check, ↑claim, ↑commission, ↑compensation, ↑compliment, ↑contribution, ↑cost, ↑creditor, ↑damage, ↑debt, ↑deposit, ↑difference, ↑dividend, ↑dowry, ↑duty, ↑employee, ↑equivalent, ↑expense, ↑fare, ↑fee, ↑fine, ↑fortune, ↑instalment, ↑insurance, ↑interest, ↑invoice, ↑maintenance, ↑mercenary, ↑minimum, ↑money, ↑mortgage, ↑penalty, ↑penance, ↑pension, ↑postage, ↑premium, ↑ransom, ↑rate, ↑recompense, ↑refund, ↑regard, ↑rent, ↑respect, ↑reward, ↑royalty, ↑salary, ↑settlement, ↑staff, ↑subscription, ↑subsidy, ↑sum, ↑supplement, ↑support, ↑surcharge, ↑tariff, ↑tax, ↑toll, ↑total, ↑tribute, ↑tuition, ↑visit, ↑wage, ↑worker

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