1 sth performed
evening, matinee
amateur, professional
cameo (esp. BrE)

The party is dreading a repeat performance of its defeat in the last election.

ballet, concert, dance, dramatic, musical, opera, theatrical, vocal

The singer is renowned for his live concert performances.

benefit, charity (esp. BrE)
give, put on, stage

The company is putting on a performance of the popular musical ‘Cats’.

attend, go to
see, watch
feature sb/sth
art, poetry
artist, poet
troupe (esp. AmE)
anxiety (esp. AmE)
in performance

The course aims to develop the children's appreciation of music in performance.

2 way in which sth is done
brilliant, convincing, dazzling, electrifying (esp. BrE), excellent, exceptional, extraordinary, fine, good, great, impressive, inspired, magnificent, outstanding, remarkable, sparkling (esp. BrE), standout, stellar, sterling (esp. BrE, formal), stunning, superb, terrific, virtuoso, wonderful

The recording gives the most convincing performance of Stravinsky's ‘Rite’ to date.

Finney gives a virtuoso performance as a psychopath.

powerful, strong

the country's strong economic performance over the last two years

creditable (esp. BrE)
flawless, polished
gutsy, spirited
bad, disappointing, dismal, lacklustre/lackluster, poor, weak
central (esp. BrE)

Mel Gibson's central performance in the movie as Hamlet

all-around (AmE), all-round (BrE), overall

He got top marks for overall academic performance.

business, economic, financial, sales
academic, school
team (esp. BrE)
deliver, give, produce, put in (esp. BrE)

The band gave a great performance at the festival.

The team put in an excellent performance.

affect, influence
hinder, impair
boost, improve
analyse/analyze, assess, evaluate, measure
monitor, track
benchmark, indicator, level, parameter, standard

The agency has developed a set of core performance indicators to compare schools.

appraisal, assessment, evaluation, measure, measurement, review
goal, target
bonus, incentive
rating, score
enhancement, improvement
performance as

her fine performance as Ophelia

performance from

The movie has a great performance from Jack Lemmon.

performance on

his flawless performance on the piano

a level of performance, a measure of performance, a standard of performance

to maintain a high level of performance

the quality of a performance

The quality of his performance was unmatched.

on past performance

Sales forecasts were based on past performance.

the proper performance of your duties (BrE)
3 of a machine
maximum, optimal, peak
low, poor
affect, influence
assess, measure
boost, enhance, improve, increase
maximize, optimize
hinder, impair
NOTE: Performing arts
write … 

He's written a new Broadway musical.

do … , perform … , present … , produce … , put on … , stage … 

The drama club is doing a show.

We are proud to present the play ‘Rocket to the Moon’.

direct … 

She is directing ‘La Traviata’ at La Scala next year.

act in … , appear in … , perform in … , sing in … , star in … 

He starred in the musical ‘Mamma Mia’.

rehearse … , rehearse for … 

We had no time to rehearse for the play.

go to the … 

How often do you go to the theatre/theater?

see … 

Have you seen that new production of ‘Macbeth’?

 … opens

‘The Nutcracker’ opens in December.

 … plays,  … runs

The show has been playing to packed houses.

The show ran for years on Broadway.

 … closes

The musical closes this week after a record number of performances.

a play/show folds

The play folded after poor reviews.

at the … 

We met at the opera.

in a/the … 

the characters in the play

 … by

a comedy by Molière

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