1 do a task/duty/piece of work
effectively, efficiently, properly (esp. BrE), successfully, well

Who ensures that tasks are properly performed?

adequately, competently, reliably, satisfactorily
duly (BrE), faithfully

He duly performed his own half of the bargain and expected the others to do likewise.

those who faithfully perform their duties

regularly, routinely
be able to, be unable to

The prince is no longer able to perform his duties.

be expected to
failure to perform sth

failure to perform a duty

2 work/function/play
admirably, beautifully, brilliantly, efficiently, excellently, faultlessly, flawlessly, impressively, magnificently, solidly, strongly, superbly, well

One or two of the players performed brilliantly.

The company has been performing strongly over the past year.

badly, dismally (esp. BrE), poorly

The car performed poorly at high speeds.

adequately, competently, reliably, satisfactorily
be able to, be unable to
be expected to

students who are expected to perform well

3 give a performance

The group will be performing live on tonight's show.

in public, publicly

The two artists have never performed together before.

first performed

The play was first publicly performed in 1872.

rarely performed
see sth performed

I've never seen this play performed before.

Perform is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑actor, actress, ↑artist, ↑athlete, ↑band, ↑cast, ↑choir, ↑dancer, ↑economy, ↑employee, ↑gymnast, ↑musician, ↑orchestra, ↑singer, ↑surgeon
Perform is used with these nouns as the object: ↑ballet, ↑abortion, ↑act, ↑action, ↑activity, ↑analysis, ↑antics, ↑assessment, ↑autopsy, ↑bypass, ↑calculation, ↑census, ↑ceremony, ↑chore, ↑comparison, ↑composition, ↑concert, ↑concerto, ↑dance, ↑deed, ↑demonstration, ↑display, ↑duty, ↑euthanasia, ↑evaluation, ↑exam, ↑examination, ↑exercise, ↑experiment, ↑feat, ↑function, ↑imitation, ↑injection, ↑inspection, ↑job, ↑magic, ↑maintenance, ↑management, ↑manoeuvre, ↑measurement, ↑miracle, ↑mission, ↑motion, ↑move, ↑movement, ↑music, ↑operation, ↑piece, ↑procedure, ↑recital, ↑reconnaissance, ↑reconstruction, ↑repair, ↑repertoire, ↑repetition, ↑rescue, ↑research, ↑resuscitation, ↑review, ↑ritual, ↑role, ↑routine, ↑sacrifice, ↑scan, ↑search, ↑service, ↑simulation, ↑sketch, ↑solo, ↑song, ↑spell, ↑step, ↑stunt, ↑surgery, ↑survey, ↑symphony, ↑task, ↑test, ↑transfusion, ↑transplant, ↑trick, ↑U-turn, ↑work

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