noun ⇨ See also ↑telephone
cell (usually cellphone) (esp. AmE), cellular (esp. AmE), mobile (BrE)
pay (usually payphone), public

There's a public payphone in reception.

home, private

I called his cellphone and then his home phone.

hands-free, speaker (usually speakerphone)

I switched over to speakerphone.

clamshell (BrE), flip (AmE)
3G (BrE), Bluetooth™, smart (usually smartphone), VoIP (= Voice over Internet Protocol), WAP, Web-enabled, wireless (esp. AmE), etc.
be on

She's on the phone at the moment.


Can I use your phone?

call (sb on)

I called his cellphone but no one answered.

He called me on my mobile phone.

answer, get (informal), grab (informal), lift, pick up

If the phone rings, don't answer it.

Can you get the phone?

I grabbed the phone and called Josie's number.

hang up, put down, replace

I hung up the phone when he started shouting at me.

slam down

She slammed the phone down in a rage.

cradle, hold

She cradled the phone between her ear and shoulder.

a £30 fine if caught holding a phone while driving

be wanted on

Dad, you're wanted on the phone.

call sb to

He was called to the phone just as he was leaving.

disconnect, unplug
bug, tap

I think our phone is being tapped.

wait by

She waits by the phone all day but he doesn't call.

leave off the hook, take off the hook

I couldn't get through because you'd left the phone off the hook.

switch off, switch on, turn off, turn on

Please switch off all mobile phones.

I turned on my phone.

go (esp. BrE), go off, ring, vibrate

My mobile phone went off during the movie.

Vincent's cell phone vibrated in his pocket.

ring off the hook

The phone was ringing off the hook (= ringing continuously).

be busy (esp. AmE), be engaged (BrE)

The phone was busy when I called.

His phone is almost permanently engaged.

be off the hook
go dead

The phone suddenly went dead in the middle of our conversation.

book, directory
call, conversation, interview, message
card (usually phonecard)
company, network, service
bank (esp. AmE)

She was working a phone bank for the Democrats.

booth, box (BrE)

The modem links the computer to a phone line.

handset, receiver

the modern business of selling phone handsets

I picked up the phone receiver and pressed it to my ear.


I've lost my phone charger.


The search of the phone records yielded nothing.

by phone

We keep in contact by phone but we rarely see each other.

on the phone

We spoke on the phone the other day.

over the phone

I haven't seen her but we spoke over the phone.

Phone is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑viewer
Phone is used with these nouns as the object: ↑ambulance, fire brigade, ↑hotline, ↑number, ↑reception

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