(also photo) noun
old, recent
early, vintage
black-and-white, colour/color, sepia

We looked through her old black-and-white photographs.

blurred, blurry, fuzzy, grainy, out-of-focus

a fuzzy black-and-white photograph

The newspaper published a grainy photograph of her.

This photograph is out of focus.

clear, sharp

The photographs were clear and sharp.


The book is illustrated with 96 action photographs.

beautiful, excellent, good, great, lovely, stunning, superb, wonderful
good-quality, high-quality, high-resolution
group, team (esp. BrE)
school (esp. BrE) (usually school picture in AmE)
cover, magazine, newspaper, press

The cover photograph of one magazine showed a dying soldier.

archival (AmE), archive (BrE)
historic, historical, period

the famous photograph of Che Guevara

passport, passport-sized

Frame the subject in the video viewfinder as you would for a still photograph.

aerial, satellite

satellite photographs of Beijing

digital, Polaroid™
indecent (BrE, law), pornographic

He admitted offences of possessing indecent photographs of children.

get, shoot, take

I got some great photographs of the party.

Can I have my photograph taken with you?

I spent the day taking photographs of the city.

pose for

We posed for a group photograph.


The sun rising over the horizon would have made a good photograph.

copy, develop, print

I can't wait till the photographs have been printed.

I prefer to print my digital photographs.

blow up, enlarge

A photograph of them is blown up to fill two full pages.

editing software that enables you to enlarge and crop photographs

Click on individual photographs to enlarge them.

touch up

The photograph has been touched up to conceal her scar.


I cropped the photograph and mounted it on some card.

scan, scan in

I scanned in some photographs of the family to send to friends by email.

She scans each photograph into her computer.

download, upload

Upload your photographs to one of these sites.


I'm learning how to post photographs on my blog.


the photographs stored on the memory card

publish, release

The next day they published photographs of the kidnappers.

a couple of photographs released by news agencies


The first issue featured a photograph of Martha Graham on the cover.


Her photograph appeared in all the papers.

depict sth, document sth, illustrate sth, reveal sth, show sth
capture sth

The photograph manages to capture the excitement of the occasion.

in a/the photograph

The wing is assembled as shown in the photograph below.

Tell me who everyone is in the photograph.

photograph of

An aerial photograph of the field shows clearly where the buildings were.

a photograph of my son Edmund

Photograph is used with these nouns as the object: ↑model

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