accomplished, award-winning, famed, famous, leading, renowned, top, well-known
brilliant, experienced, good, great, master, successful, talented, veteran
commercial, freelance, professional, staff (esp. AmE)

a staff photographer at the ‘New York Times’

newspaper, press
celebrity, combat (esp. AmE), documentary, fashion, fine-art, landscape, nature, news, portrait, sports, war, wedding, wildlife, etc.
pose for

They had hired another photographer for the wedding.

shoot sth, take pictures, take shots

The photographer shot the usual roll of pictures.

snap sb/sth, snap away at sb/sth

She didn't think much of the photographers snapping away at her.

capture sb/sth

Photographer Darren Kidd captured the unique atmosphere of the event.

a photographer's gallery, a photographer's studio

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