considerable, dramatic, excellent, genuine, good, great, impressive, real, remarkable, significant, substantial, tremendous

We have made significant progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

limited, little
fast, rapid, swift
inexorable (esp. BrE)
slow, stately (esp. BrE)

We watched the ship's stately progress out of the docks.

adequate, satisfactory
incremental, steady
continued, further
academic, educational
economic, evolutionary, industrial, medical, scientific, social, technical, technological
moral, spiritual
achieve, make
chart, follow, monitor, observe, trace, track, watch

Regular tests enable the teacher to monitor the progress of each child.

assess, check, check on, evaluate, gauge, measure, review
demonstrate, show
block, hamper, hinder, impede, obstruct, slow, slow down
hold back
halt, stop
accelerate, facilitate
slow, stall
note (= written by a doctor about a patient) (AmE)
in progress

There was a tennis match in progress.

progress from … to … 

The book traced his steady progress from petty theft to serious crime.

progress in

He's making good progress in reading.

progress on

How much progress have the builders made on the house?

progress towards/toward

Who can halt his inexorable progress towards/toward yet another championship?

progress with

She's making steady progress with her thesis.

a lack of progress

I was frustrated by my apparent lack of progress.

the march of progress

the onward march of technological progress

a rate of progress

At the present rate of progress we won't be finished before July.

work in progress

I have a file for work in progress.

nicely, satisfactorily, smoothly, well

The talks are progressing very well.


He felt he still needed to progress further in his learning.

fast, quickly, rapidly

to progress rapidly in your career


The work is progressing slowly.

gradually, steadily
fail to

Samir failed to progress beyond this first step on the ladder.

from, through

Students progress through the stages of the course.


She soon progressed from the basics to more difficult work.


to progress towards/toward a new kind of art


his ambition to progress up the career ladder


They are anxious to progress with the plan.

Progress is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑afternoon, ↑century, ↑development, ↑disease, ↑evening, ↑illness, ↑morning, ↑movie, ↑night, ↑pregnancy, ↑relationship, ↑story, ↑war

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