1 thing done successfully
amazing, considerable (esp. BrE), extraordinary, fine, great, important, impressive, major, monumental, no mean (esp. BrE), notable, outstanding, real, remarkable, significant, tremendous

It's a monumental achievement for such a young athlete.

This was no mean achievement for the government.

crowning, main, supreme

He regarded that victory as the crowning achievement of his career.

math, mathematics, reading (all AmE)

low reading achievement in children

artistic, athletic (esp. AmE), cultural, economic, educational, engineering, literary, scientific, sporting (esp. BrE), technical, technological

Rutherford was knighted in recognition of his scientific achievements.

The Olympics are all about celebrating sporting achievements.

be, constitute, represent

This conference in itself represents a solid achievement.

celebrate, honour/honor, recognize

This award honours/honors the achievements of American women in medicine.

achievement in

She was given a prize for her achievements in textile design.

quite an achievement

To be offered this job is quite an achievement.

2 act of achieving sth

two years of consistently high achievement

individual, personal

The moon landing of 1969 was seen as a high point of human achievement.

academic, educational, intellectual

Winners are selected on the basis of high academic achievement.

Success should not be measured solely by educational achievement.

level, standard

standards by which to measure human achievement


the achievement gap between white and minority schoolchildren


He won a lifetime achievement award for cinematography.

test (esp. AmE)

amazing achievement test scores

a feeling of achievement, a sense of achievement

Climbing the mountain gave him a tremendous sense of achievement.

a lack of achievement
a record of achievement

an impressive record of achievement

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