fail to

The present law has failed to achieve its objectives.

be able to
try to
be designed to
be difficult to, be easy to, be impossible to, be possible to
Achieve is used with these nouns as the object: ↑acceptance, ↑accuracy, ↑aim, ↑ambition, ↑aspiration, ↑balance, ↑breakthrough, ↑ceasefire, ↑clarity, ↑climax, ↑closure, ↑coherence, ↑competence, ↑conformity, ↑consensus, ↑consistency, ↑control, ↑disarmament, ↑distinction, ↑distribution, ↑diversity, ↑dominance, ↑domination, ↑dream, ↑economy, ↑effect, ↑effectiveness, ↑efficiency, ↑end, ↑equality, ↑erection, ↑excellence, ↑expression, ↑fairness, ↑fame, ↑feat, ↑finish, ↑fit, ↑flight, ↑fluency, ↑freedom, ↑gain, ↑goal, ↑grade, ↑greatness, ↑growth, ↑happiness, ↑harmony, ↑height, ↑ideal, ↑immortality, ↑impact, ↑implementation, ↑improvement, ↑increase, ↑independence, ↑integration, ↑intimacy, ↑justice, ↑level, ↑liberation, ↑literacy, ↑look, ↑majority, ↑margin, ↑mastery, ↑maximum, ↑milestone, ↑notoriety, ↑objective, ↑orgasm, ↑outcome, ↑penetration, ↑perfection, ↑popularity, ↑position, ↑potential, ↑proficiency, ↑profitability, ↑progress, ↑prominence, ↑prosperity, ↑purpose, ↑rank, ↑rating, ↑ratio, ↑realism, ↑recognition, ↑reconciliation, ↑recovery, ↑reduction, ↑representation, ↑resolution, ↑respectability, ↑result, ↑return, ↑revolution, ↑sale, ↑salvation, ↑saving, ↑score, ↑serenity, ↑settlement, ↑solution, ↑stability, ↑standard, ↑stardom, ↑stature, ↑status, ↑success, ↑superiority, ↑target, ↑tenure, ↑total, ↑transformation, ↑understanding, ↑unification, ↑uniformity, ↑unity, ↑velocity, ↑victory, ↑vision, ↑wealth

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