1 buying sth

Make sure all online purchases are made through a secure server.


the bulk purchase of paper


Companies are moving away from outright purchase of company cars to leasing.

compulsory (BrE)

The council applied for a compulsory purchase order on the the tennis courts.

hire (= a method of buying an article by making regular payments for it over several months or years) (BrE)

He entered a hire purchase agreement with a car dealer.

arms, equipment, home, house, land, share
the cost of purchase

You can resell books and cut the original cost of purchase.

the date of purchase, the time of purchase

I did not notice the defects at the time of purchase.

the place of purchase, the point of purchase

Ticket holders should return to the point of purchase for a refund.

proof of purchase

Keep your receipt as proof of purchase.

2 sth bought
big-ticket (AmE), expensive, large, major

big-ticket purchases such as cars or refrigerators


Consumers make a lot of impulse purchases.


The company uses software to analyze consumer purchases.


some ways to encourage customers to make a purchase

pay for
newly, recently
compulsorily (BrE)

The land was compulsorily purchased from the owner to make way for the new road.


Tickets can be purchased online.

agree to, be willing to
wish to
can afford to, cannot afford to

They purchased the land for $1 million.


They purchased the house from an elderly couple.

Purchase is used with these nouns as the object: ↑art, ↑asset, ↑bond, ↑coverage, ↑electricity, ↑equipment, ↑goods, ↑home, ↑insurance, ↑land, ↑membership, ↑merchandise, ↑painting, ↑product, ↑property, ↑right, ↑security, ↑share, ↑site, ↑stock, ↑subscription, ↑ticket, ↑warranty

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