1 aim/function
chief, main, primary, prime, principal
practical, useful

These bars serve no useful purpose.


a general-purpose cleaning fluid


a group of individuals sharing a common purpose

particular, special, specific

a toy with the dual purpose of entertaining and developing memory skills

intended, stated

the view that art should serve a social purpose

accomplish, achieve, fulfil/fulfill, serve, suit

The plan achieved its primary purpose, if nothing else.

The article could serve the purpose of generating some discussion.

In my view such debates serve no useful purpose.


Computer-animated cartoons that depict humans realistically seem to defeat the whole purpose of animation.

for a/the purpose

I put the chair there for a purpose.

a measure introduced for the purpose of protecting the interests of investors

on purpose (= intentionally)

He slammed the door on purpose.

at cross purposes (= not understanding or having the same aims, etc. as each other)

I finally realized that we were talking at cross purposes.

for the express purpose of sth, with the express purpose of sth

The school was founded with the express purpose of teaching deaf children to speak.

for (all) practical purposes

Nominally she is the secretary, but for all practical purposes she runs the place.

your purpose in life

She saw being a doctor as her purpose in life.

put sth to (a/some) purpose

The same information can be put to many purposes

a sense of purpose

Encouraged by her example, they all set to work with a fresh sense of purpose.

strength of purpose

They had great confidence and strength of purpose.

2 purposes requirements of a particular situation
administrative, business, commercial, domestic, educational, insurance, legal, medical, medicinal, political, research, tax, teaching, training

You will need to have the vehicle valued for insurance purposes.


For comparative purposes, the populations of three other cities are also shown.

for … purpose

The drug can be sold for medicinal purposes only.

for the purposes of (also for the purpose of in AmE)

Let's assume he knows, for the purposes of our argument.

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