1 act of pushing
big, hard
gentle, little, slight
give sb/sth

She gave him a gentle push.

at the push of a button

The machine washes and dries at the push of a button.

2 effort to do/obtain sth
big, extra, major, strong

The company is making a strong push to expand its distribution.

push against

the final push against the enemy

push for

There has been a big push for higher standards in schools.

push towards/toward

a push towards/toward organic food

1 use physical force
firmly, hard

You'll have to push harder if you want it to move.

angrily, roughly, violently
gently, lightly, playfully

He was deliberately pushed into the path of the vehicle.

blindly, frantically
hastily, hurriedly, quickly
just, merely, simply

Jack flung himself at Steve, but he simply pushed him away.

aside, away, back, down, over, together, etc.

She leaned on the box and pushed it aside.

They pushed the two desks together.

try to
manage to
begin to

The fans pushed against the barrier.


She pushed at the door but it wouldn't budge.

out of

He pushed her roughly out of the door.


I tried to push through the crowd.


The woman had been pushed violently to the ground.

towards/toward, under

She found a note pushed under the door.

push sth open, push sth shut

He managed to push the window open a few inches.

2 put pressure on sb/yourself
aggressively, hard

Lucy should push herself a little harder.

too far

Her parents are very tolerant, but sometimes she pushes them too far.


Don't allow yourself to be pushed around by that bully.


Her parents pushed her into accepting the job.


The two governments are pushing for economic reform in the region.

push sb/yourself to the limit

He felt he was being pushed to the limit of his self-control.

Push is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑hand
Push is used with these nouns as the object: ↑agenda, ↑baby carriage, ↑bang, ↑bicycle, ↑bike, ↑boundary, ↑buggy, ↑button, ↑cart, ↑earnings, ↑fringe, ↑handle, ↑idea, ↑index, ↑initiative, ↑knife, ↑legislation, ↑lever, ↑limit, ↑luck, ↑needle, ↑pedal, ↑pram, ↑pushchair, ↑sale, ↑spectacles, ↑strand, ↑stroller, ↑thought, ↑trolley, ↑way, ↑wheelchair

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