1 area of activity/interest/knowledge

the whole realm of human intellect

domestic, private
political, social
earthly, material, physical
divine, fantasy, heavenly, magical, spiritual, supernatural
be in, belong in, belong to, lie in
open up

The research has opened up new realms for investigation.

enter, move into
descend into, descend to (both disapproving)

Most readers are likely to lose interest when he descends into the realms of (= starts discussing) rhetorical terminology.

move from, move out of

The euro moved from the realms of theory into reality.

beyond the realm of, out of the realm of, outside the realm of

His ambitions are way beyond the realms of possibility.

in the realm of, within the realm of

The idea belongs in the realm of science fiction.

the realm of art, politics, science, etc.

In the realm of politics different rules sometimes apply.

the realms of fantasy, the realms of possibility, the realms of reality
2 (formal) country ruled by a king/queen

They fought to defend the realm.

beyond the realm, outside the realm

wealth acquired outside the realm

in the realm, within the realm

peace within the realm

throughout the realm

There was rejoicing throughout the realm.

a part of the realm
the defence/defense of the realm

Royal taxation usually had to be for the defence of the realm.

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