Really is used with these adjectives: ↑adequate, ↑afraid, ↑aggressive, ↑alive, ↑amazed, ↑amazing, ↑appalling, ↑ashamed, ↑astonishing, ↑awesome, ↑awful, ↑beautiful, ↑brilliant, ↑careful, ↑crazy, ↑critical, ↑crucial, daft, ↑decent, ↑delicious, ↑delighted, ↑delightful, ↑desperate, ↑disgusted, ↑disgusting, ↑dreadful, ↑eager, ↑encouraging, ↑essential, ↑evil, ↑excellent, ↑exceptional, ↑exhausted, ↑experienced, ↑extraordinary, ↑extreme, ↑fantastic, ↑fascinating, ↑fat, ↑fed up, ↑filthy, ↑frantic, ↑fundamental, ↑genuine, ↑glad, ↑good, ↑gorgeous, ↑grateful, ↑gratifying, ↑great, ↑guilty, ↑handy, ↑horrible, ↑horrific, ↑hot, ↑huge, ↑hurt, ↑ill, ↑impossible, ↑impressed, ↑incredible, ↑inspiring, ↑lovely, ↑magnificent, ↑marvellous, ↑natural, ↑necessary, ↑obscene, ↑OK, ↑outstanding, ↑perfect, ↑persistent, ↑red, ↑refreshing, ↑remarkable, ↑ridiculous, ↑ripe, ↑satisfying, ↑serious, ↑sick, ↑spectacular, ↑splendid, ↑spooky, ↑stunning, ↑superb, ↑sweet, ↑terrible, ↑terrified, ↑thankful, ↑thrilled, ↑touched, ↑tough, ↑tragic, ↑traumatic, ↑true, ↑unbelievable, ↑unfriendly, ↑unhappy, ↑unwell, ↑uplifting, ↑vital, ↑wide, ↑willing, ↑wonderful, ↑worth, ↑worthwhile
Really is used with these verbs: ↑ache, ↑admire, ↑age, ↑amaze, ↑annoy, ↑appeal, ↑appreciate, ↑believe, ↑benefit, ↑care, ↑concern, ↑confuse, ↑depend, ↑deserve, ↑desire, ↑despise, ↑dislike, ↑earn, ↑embrace, ↑enjoy, ↑envy, ↑examine, ↑exist, ↑explain, ↑fear, ↑feel, ↑frighten, ↑fulfil, ↑happen, ↑hate, ↑help, ↑hope, ↑hurt, ↑imagine, ↑impress, ↑improve, ↑interest, ↑irritate, ↑justify, ↑lack, ↑laugh, ↑like, ↑love, ↑matter, ↑miss, ↑need, ↑prefer, ↑regret, ↑relish, ↑resent, ↑respect, ↑scare, ↑shock, ↑solve, ↑stretch, ↑strike, ↑struggle, ↑surprise, ↑sympathize, ↑think, ↑trust, ↑upset, ↑want, ↑welcome, ↑wish, ↑worry

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