1 connection between two or more things

The energy an animal uses is in direct relation to speed and body mass.


the complex relation between business and society

close, intimate

The study shows the close relation between poverty and ill health.


The right side of the brain deals with spatial relations between objects.

bear, have

The movie bore no relation to (= was very different from) the book.

The fee bears little relation to the service provided.

establish, show

He established a relation between asthma and certain types of work.

analyse/analyze, explore

Her work explores the relation between technology and culture.

in relation to

Similar policies were pursued in the 1970s, particularly in relation to health services.

relation between, relation to

the relation of the subject to the object

2 member of sb's family
close, near
poor (often figurative)

Other sparkling wines are often considered the poor relations of champagne.

relation to

What relation is Rita to you?

friends and relations
3 relations between people/groups/countries
close, intimate
cordial, friendly, good, harmonious

a period of improved trade relations

difficult, poor, strained

Relations between the two countries are strained.

bilateral, diplomatic, foreign, international, political, trade

The US broke off diplomatic relations with Cuba's communist government.

the growing chill in Anglo-French diplomatic relations

industrial, labour/labor

The change of government led to improved industrial relations.

class, gender, race
economic, power, social

a public relations exercise

customer, investor
human, interpersonal, personal
family, marital

a breakdown of marital relations leading to divorce

parent-child, student-teacher, etc.
Anglo-American, East-West, etc.
cultivate, develop, establish, foster, maintain

the need to establish good relations with our European partners

break off, sever, suspend

Diplomatic relations have been broken off between the two countries.

damage, poison, sour

The move soured relations between Washington and Moscow.

improve, strengthen

Renewed efforts are being made to improve the strained relations between the two countries.

normalize (esp. AmE), repair
re-establish, restore, resume

Venezuela re-established diplomatic relations with Cuba.

govern, regulate

the system governing social relations in India


Relations between the two states have improved.

deteriorate, sour, worsen
relation among, relation between, relation with
an improvement in relations

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