1 between people/groups/countries
friendly, good, happy, harmonious, healthy, strong

They have a very healthy father-son relationship.

broken, difficult, failed, fragile, poor, rocky, stormy, strained, troubled, uneasy, volatile

Their relationship has always been a stormy one.

close, intense, intimate, special

Britain's special relationship with the US

committed, enduring, lasting, long-standing, long-term, monogamous, permanent, serious, stable, steady

He was not married, but he was in a stable relationship.

brief, casual
caring, love-hate, loving
family, human, interpersonal, one-to-one, personal
doctor-patient, parent-child, etc.
business, contractual, financial, formal, professional, social, working
marital, physical, romantic, sexual
gay, heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian, same-sex

The play is about power relationships at work.

enjoy, have

They enjoyed a close working relationship.

The school has a very good relationship with the community.

He had brief relationships with several women.

begin, build, build up, cultivate, develop, establish, forge, form, foster

Building strong relationships is essential.

They established a relationship of trust.

cement, improve, strengthen
continue, maintain
deal with, handle, manage

He's not very good at handling personal relationships.

break off, end

She broke off the relationship when she found out about his gambling.

destroy, ruin

Lack of trust destroys many relationships.


We want to improve the relationship that exists between the university and industry.

deepen, develop, evolve, progress
blossom, flourish

I tried everything to make our relationship work.

continue, last
deteriorate, go wrong, worsen
break down, break up, end, fail
difficulties, problems
breakdown (esp. BrE)
counsellor/counselor (esp. BrE)
in a/the relationship

In normal human relationships there has to be some give and take.

At the moment he isn't in a relationship.

relationship among

The focus is on relationships among European countries.

relationship between, relationship to

their relationship to each other

relationship with
the breakdown of a relationship
a network of relationships, a web of relationships
2 family connection
blood, family, kin, kinship

He claimed to have a distant relationship with royalty.

relationship between

‘What's the relationship between you and Tony?’ ‘He's my cousin.’

relationship to

What relationship are you to Pat?

3 connection between two or more things

There's a close relationship between increased money supply and inflation.

complex, complicated
inverse, negative

the inverse relationship between gas consumption and air temperature

causal, dynamic, reciprocal, symbiotic

the symbiotic relationship between corals and algae

linear, spatial
economic, functional, legal
natural, organic
bear, have

The fee bears little relationship to the service provided.

analyze, assess, evaluate, examine, explore, investigate, look at, study

His latest book examines the relationship between spatial awareness and mathematical ability.

determine, discover, establish, find

They discovered a relationship between depression and lack of sunlight.

demonstrate, show
see, understand

No statistically significant relationship existed between the occurrences.


A clear relationship emerged in the study between happiness and level of education.

in a/the relationship

The different varieties of the language are in a dynamic relationship with each other.

relationship among

Our research will explore the relationships among these variables.

relationship between

I can't see the relationship between the figures and the diagram.

relationship to

the relationship of a parasite to its host

relationship with
the nature of the relationship
stand in a … relationship to sth

Women and men stand in a different relationship to language.

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