legitimate, reasonable
formal, official

I could not deny a direct request like that.

odd, strange, unusual
initial, original

I made my initial request for material in February.

final, last

Her last request before she died was that she be buried at sea.

numerous, repeated
explicit, particular, specific
email, written

I got a couple of email requests for it.


He has refused all interview requests.

budget, funding (both esp. AmE)

the State Department budget request


an extradition request by the US

make, put in, send, submit

I've put in a request for a room with a view of the sea.

get, have, receive

We have had repeated requests for a pedestrian crossing near the school.

consider, review

The judge will now consider this request from the plaintiffs.

accept, agree to, grant
accommodate, comply with, fulfil/fulfill (esp. AmE), honour/honor, meet

His request was always met with the same answer.


The Commission approved a request for $700 000 in tax refunds.

answer, respond to
deal with, handle
decline, deny, refuse, reject, turn down
at sb's request

The book was withdrawn at the author's request.

The play was written by Agatha Christie at the request of Queen Mary.

by request

The writer's name was withheld by request (= because the writer had asked for this to be done).

on request, upon request

Additional copies will be made available on request.

request for

The helpline was inundated with requests for information on the crash.

available on request, available upon request

A detailed list of our publications is available on request.

by popular request (esp. BrE) (usually by popular demand)

The movie is being shown again by popular request.

a number of requests
explicitly, specifically
formally, officially

She had left him a message, simply requesting that he call her back.

reasonably (law, esp. BrE)

Auditors will be required to provide any information reasonably requested by the bank.


We have requested some information from the company.

Request is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑email, ↑petition
Request is used with these nouns as the object: ↑anonymity, ↑assistance, ↑asylum, ↑audience, ↑authorization, ↑autopsy, ↑balance, ↑catalogue, ↑clarification, ↑clearance, ↑copy, ↑exemption, ↑extension, ↑extradition, ↑funding, ↑hearing, ↑help, ↑indulgence, ↑information, ↑interview, ↑leave, ↑loan, ↑meeting, ↑permission, ↑permit, ↑postponement, ↑presence, ↑recognition, ↑refund, ↑reinforcement, ↑report, ↑return

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