aloud, out loud
gently, quietly, softly
gruffly, huskily
at once
at last, at length, finally

‘I am home,’ he said simply.

hastily, hurriedly, quickly
abruptly, suddenly
briskly, curtly, shortly, tersely
angrily, bitterly, crossly (esp. BrE), fiercely, sharply

‘I don't know,’ she said crossly.

bluntly, flatly, matter-of-factly, plainly
firmly, weakly
harshly, sternly
kindly, sweetly
brightly, cheerfully, cheerily, happily
with a grin, with a smile

‘You'll see!’ Lianne said with a smile.

with a smirk, with a wink
with a chuckle, with a laugh
with a frown, with a shrug, with a sigh

‘Well, at least we tried!’ he said with a shrug.

miserably, sadly
gravely, grimly, seriously, solemnly
airily, casually, lightly, nonchalantly, smoothly

‘There's nothing wrong with him,’ she said airily.

calmly, evenly, mildly
impatiently, patiently
defensively, indignantly
apologetically, sheepishly
awkwardly, hesitantly, lamely, nervously
jokingly, teasingly
drily, mockingly, sarcastically
coldly, coolly, icily
honestly, sincerely, truthfully

Can you honestly say you're sorry?

be about to, be going to

I've forgotten what I was going to say.

hasten to
long to, want to

I want to say how much we have all enjoyed this evening.

hate to

I hate to say it, but I think Stephen may be right.

dare (to)

I dared not say a word about it to anyone.

I dare say they she'll come to the wedding.

suffice it to, suffice to

Suffice it to say, I refused to get involved.

be fair to

It is fair to say a considerable amount of effort went into the project.

have nothing to, have something to

Be quiet, I have something to say.

hear sb

I heard him say they were leaving tomorrow.


Do you have anything to say about this?


That's not what he said to me.

be quoted as saying sth

A government spokesman was quoted as saying that they would take steps to restore order.

a thing to say

That was a very cruel thing to say.

I have to say, I must say

I have to say I didn't expect it to be so good.

it has to be said

She wasn't at her best, it has to be said.

needless to say

Needless to say, it all went smoothly in the end.

Say is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑act, ↑ad, ↑advert, ↑advertisement, ↑advocate, ↑article, ↑banner, ↑Bible, ↑clock, ↑computer, ↑constitution, ↑critic, ↑document, ↑email, ↑estimate, ↑expert, ↑forecast, ↑headline, ↑horoscope, ↑inscription, ↑institute, ↑judge, ↑legend, ↑letter, ↑magazine, ↑manifesto, ↑manual, ↑message, ↑notice, ↑observer, ↑paragraph, ↑poll, ↑poster, ↑report, ↑researcher, ↑resolution, ↑rule, ↑sceptic, ↑scientist, ↑sign, ↑slogan, ↑source, ↑study, ↑survey, ↑tradition, ↑watch, ↑writer
Say is used with these nouns as the object: ↑blessing, ↑congratulations, ↑farewell, ↑line, ↑mass, ↑pledge, ↑prayer, ↑thank you, ↑thing, ↑word, ↑yes

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