aggressively (esp. AmE), avidly, eagerly, keenly (esp. BrE)

people who are unemployed and actively seeking work (BrE)

desperately, urgently

He was desperately seeking a way to see her again.


He deliberately sought to expand his country's influence on the region.

always, consistently, constantly, continually

They initially sought to blame others for the disaster.


The developer is currently seeking funding for the project.

in vain, unsuccessfully, vainly

We sought in vain for a solution.

continue to

We're seeking for alternative materials which might bring the cost down.


the answers she sought in those books

highly sought after

Jobs in Paris are highly sought after.

Seek is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑hand, ↑immigrant, ↑movement, ↑petition, ↑plaintiff
Seek is used with these nouns as the object: ↑acceptance, ↑access, ↑accommodation, ↑admission, ↑advice, ↑alliance, ↑alternative, ↑anonymity, ↑answer, ↑applicant, ↑approval, ↑armistice, ↑assistance, ↑assurance, ↑asylum, ↑audience, ↑authorization, ↑autonomy, ↑backing, ↑balance, ↑challenge, ↑clarification, ↑clearance, ↑closure, ↑comfort, ↑comment, ↑companionship, ↑company, ↑compensation, ↑compromise, ↑confirmation, ↑consent, ↑consolation, ↑consultation, ↑convert, ↑cooperation, ↑counsel, ↑counselling, ↑cover, ↑cure, ↑custody, ↑damage, ↑deal, ↑destruction, ↑divorce, ↑domination, ↑employment, ↑endorsement, ↑equality, ↑escape, ↑exemption, ↑explanation, ↑extradition, ↑fame, ↑favour, ↑feedback, ↑forgiveness, ↑fortune, ↑freedom, ↑fulfilment, ↑funding, ↑gain, ↑guidance, ↑help, ↑immunity, ↑improvement, ↑independence, ↑indulgence, ↑information, ↑injunction, ↑input, ↑inspiration, ↑justice, ↑liberation, ↑limelight, ↑love, ↑mandate, ↑membership, ↑nomination, ↑office, ↑opinion, ↑pardon, ↑partner, ↑partnership, ↑peace, ↑penalty, ↑perfection, ↑permission, ↑permit, ↑political asylum, ↑promotion, ↑protection, ↑publicity, ↑reassurance, ↑recognition, ↑reconciliation, ↑recourse, ↑redemption, ↑reduction, ↑reform, ↑refuge, ↑refund, ↑registration, ↑relief, ↑remedy, ↑removal, ↑renewal, ↑replacement, ↑representation, ↑resolution, ↑respectability, ↑respite, ↑retribution, ↑return, ↑revenge, ↑review, ↑salvation, ↑sanctuary, ↑service, ↑settlement, ↑shelter, ↑showdown, ↑solace, ↑solitude, ↑solution, ↑sponsor, ↑sponsorship, ↑support, ↑tender, ↑term, ↑therapy, ↑treatment, ↑truth, ↑understanding, ↑undertaking, ↑unity, ↑vengeance, ↑victory, ↑warrant, ↑way, ↑wisdom, ↑writ

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