Sell is used before these nouns: ↑signal
be able to, can
want to
plan to
try to

They are still trying to sell their house.

be expected to, expect to

The novel was expected to sell between 1 000 and 1 500 copies.

be willing to
be forced to

The company has been forced to sell land to recoup some of the losses.

be difficult to, be hard to

It will be hard to sell 3 000 tickets.

The property was hard to sell.

have the right to sell

Your broker has the right to sell your shares.


We sell these little notebooks at €1 each.


They sold their house for $847 000.


She sold her car to a friend.

sell sth at a discount, sell sth at a loss, sell sth at a premium, sell sth at a profit

Some of these cars are actually being sold at a loss.

be sold at auction

The painting was sold at auction for $11.3 million.

be sold over the counter

This medicine is sold over the counter.

buy and sell (sth)

Many banks are willing to buy and sell shares on behalf of customers.

sell sb into slavery

The boys were sold into slavery.

sell sth off

Derelict inner-city sites could be sold off cheaply for housing.

Sell is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑company, ↑dealer, ↑firm, ↑investor, ↑shop, ↑shopkeeper, ↑stall, ↑store
Sell is used with these nouns as the object: ↑asset, ↑beef, ↑beer, ↑bond, ↑business, ↑company, ↑cookie, ↑copy, ↑cottage, ↑crop, ↑currency, ↑electricity, ↑equipment, ↑flat, ↑food, ↑franchise, ↑goods, ↑house, ↑idea, ↑insurance, ↑interest, ↑inventory, ↑land, ↑lease, ↑liquor, ↑merchandise, ↑model, ↑mortgage, ↑painting, ↑pension, ↑possession, ↑postcard, ↑produce, ↑product, ↑property, ↑record, ↑right, ↑security, ↑service, ↑share, ↑slave, ↑software, ↑soul, ↑stake, ↑stock, ↑ticket, ↑timber, ↑unit, ↑wares

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