what the average shopper spends her money on

frequent (AmE), regular (esp. BrE)
disabled, elderly (both esp. BrE)
late-night, morning, Saturday, weekend
Christmas, festive (BrE), holiday (AmE)

last-minute shoppers on Christmas Eve

city-centre (BrE), downtown (AmE), town-centre (BrE)
personal (= sb you pay to do your shopping)
mystery, secret (= person who pretends to be a customer) (AmE)

A mystery shopper visits each branch every two weeks.

Internet, online, Web
grocery (AmE), mall (AmE), supermarket (esp. BrE)

We are a nation of supermarket shoppers.

savvy, smart (both esp. AmE)

A savvy shopper can purchase the gem for about €2 000 per carat.

compulsive, frantic, frenzied

If you're a serious shopper, this is the credit card for you.


I observed my fellow shoppers rushing from store to store.

crowds, throngs

The cheap deals brought out big crowds of shoppers.

be crowded with, be filled with, be packed with, be thronged with

The street was thronged with shoppers.

attract, draw, encourage, lure, persuade, tempt

special offers designed to tempt shoppers

deter (esp. BrE), discourage, drive away, put off (esp. BrE)

Shoppers rushed to catch the sales.

attractive to shoppers

Window displays are intended to be attractive to shoppers.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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