1 activity of shopping
late-night, morning, weekend
back-to-school (AmE), Christmas, holiday (esp. AmE), last-minute, sales (BrE)

the back-to-school shopping season

a bit of (esp. BrE), a little

I thought we'd do a little shopping before the show.

family (BrE), food, grocery (esp. AmE), supermarket, weekly (esp. BrE)

I do the weekly shopping on a Saturday.

car, clothes, dress, etc.
catalogue, home, Internet, online

the move to home shopping using your computer

duty-free, tax-free

This website is a valuable resource for comparison shopping.

convenience (esp. BrE), one-stop

the consumers' demand for one-stop shopping

(= buying all they need in one place)
quality (esp. BrE)
serious (humorous)

Jenny went directly to town for some serious shopping.

heavy, light (both esp. BrE)

to suffer from compulsive shopping disorder

afternoon, day
be out, do, go, go out

She's doing some last-minute Christmas shopping.

When shall I do the shopping? (BrE)

We do our shopping on Saturdays.

I have to go shopping in town this afternoon.

take sb

Jade wants me to take her shopping for a new outfit.

bag, basket, cart (esp. AmE), trolley (BrE)
area, district
arcade (esp. BrE), complex, development (esp. BrE), mall (esp. AmE), parade (BrE), park (BrE), plaza (AmE), precinct (BrE), street (esp. BrE), strip (AmE)

the town's main shopping street

(see also shopping centre)
facilities (esp. BrE), outlet (esp. BrE)
channel, network (esp. AmE)

a home shopping network

site, website

an Internet shopping site


a personal shopping service

space (esp. BrE)

Developers plan to build 4 000 square feet of shopping space here.


New York, the ultimate shopping destination

excursion, expedition, spree, trip

She won £10 000 and immediately went on a shopping spree.

day, hours, season

Only 22 shopping days left until Christmas!

outside normal shopping hours

the Christmas shopping season

environment (esp. BrE), experience

We ensure that our customers have an exceptional shopping experience.


detailed portraits of consumers' shopping habits

voucher (BrE)
be on sb's shopping list (often figurative)

A new car is on my shopping list.

Improved electricity generation is one of the first things on the country's shopping list.

2 (esp. BrE) food, etc. bought in shops/stores ⇨ See also groceries
be laden with
put away, unpack

They unpacked the shopping and put it away.

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